May The 4th Be With You!

Semester 1
The year has begun. The student has travelled 
to the new world of University. With the teachings 
of the wise tutors and lecturers, the student will learn 
the ways of study and become an Assessment Master.

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Assessment Planning 101: How to Maximise Procrastination

When the time comes to write countless essays on the theory you’ve learned in lectures and tutorials, it’s essential to quote resources to strengthen your work. But right now it’s Netflix’s world, and we’re just living in it. So how can we create a really strong piece of assessment whilst still indulging in the practice of ‘Procrastinating By Watching All Ten Seasons of Friends in One Week’?

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Mid-Uni Crisis

We all reach that point – that point where what you’re studying starts to really seem pointless and your future is looking like… Well… you don’t know – what is my future? Where will I be? How will I be employed? What exactly will I be able to do after this year or next year? All I know how to do is write assignments and maybe speak a little better in public. Oh lord. What will I do?! Should I just drop out now and settle for my current retail wage? Read more

Be Kind to Lawyers Day: Be Kind to Yourself

It’s no secret that lawyers often get a bad wrap. Everyone knows at least one ‘dad’ joke about lawyers being soulless, money hungry, boring, dishonest and with a taste for… blood? One fine example – Q: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a vampire? A: A vampire only sucks blood at night. (It should also be noted that the source I procured this joke from issued a warning stating that ‘some of these jokes are in bad taste. Some are indecent. A few are obscene. But we’re talking about lawyers…’) Read more

I’m a sheltered uni student GET ME OUT OF HERE ! Thoughts and Ramblings about Student Travel Opportunities

In all my 20 years I’ve never travelled outside Australia (unless you count Tasmania because… its Tasmania). I’ve never lived outside of Brisbane for longer than a fortnight (a holiday to the Sunshine Coast) and I’ve never been without my immediate family for longer than a week. Until recently this never really bothered me, with its great weather, breathtaking natural beauty and reputation for thousands of deadly animals Australia can hold its own.


Jaded Australian woman sets her sights for an travel adventure that isn’t Mooloolaba

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Post-Graduation Feels

In November I finally graduated (still feels good saying that) and decided to make the big move from QUT all the way to . . . QUT. Yep, I’m postponing the real world for just a little longer with postgraduate study. My new course? The Graduate Diploma in Education. It qualifies me to teach my undergraduate degree knowledge in Film, TV & New Media.

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Ride the Uni bus!!

I hear from a range of different people, friends and family members about how much they love the idea that I have lived a solid life before studying to become a primary school teacher. Apparently, my gender will give me edge and fill a gap in a feminised industry. Apparently, it is better to bring life experience to the role as opposed to have gone from school to university and back into a school again.

Truth: I love congratulating myself for sitting higher on the experience food chain than most of my classmates.

Reality: I didn’t really think it through.

University IS life experience. In high school, we (generally) stay in one location from 9ish till 3ish, and study a standardised curriculum to make sure we have a foundation of knowledge to set us on our chosen path.

Not so at university. It comes with specialised subject areas, adult conversation, and more importantly, opportunities to explore who we are and how we want to live our lives. There’s no reprimand for missing classes because we only disadvantage ourselves. There’s no yes or no answers, just a chance to have a fully developed understanding of a plethora of ideas so that we take our best selves forward into our lives.

Gap years are great, but they’re not essential. I would love to spend a year in France working on a ski slope and getting to know red wine and camembert on a deeper level. But, I’ve come to realise that university life is just as much of an enriching experience as any other option.

Take it from an old guy who’s had more experiences than should be publicly disclosed. Uni life is amazing, if you grab it with both hands. Do away with your preconceived ideas about ‘getting out there’, and just get involved. Some of the most challenging, enjoyable, outrageous and studious moments that have filled my longish life have been had at Uni. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love riding the bus. I feel like I’m achieving a wonderful goal while staring out the window in quiet thought. Ride the Uni bus, and stare out the window of your life in deep reflection and deeper dreaming.


Open-Ended Degrees


* Me when I first started Uni*



*Halfway through the course and…..*



*I realise that I’ve gotten into a degree which gives me SO many options once I graduate that I am now lost. Cue QUT Career Counsellers*

Guidance and help is available to students. Find out more about QUT’s Career Counselling services and how they help.

A Multi-coloured International Happiness Day!!

Finally, I get an opportunity to blab about the things that make me happy!!

It’s International Day of Happiness, a day where the aim is to inspire us think about the small, large, casual, meaningful, past or present, situations or occasions that have made our hearts sing out in absolute happiness. Mine is pretty simple, but it’s so fun that they’ve even made TV shows about it across the world: kids say the funniest things.

I’m in 3rd year of Primary Education at QUT Kelvin Grove, and we get to go out on ‘prac’ into local primary schools EVERY semester of our degree. So, we get to experience the most joyful moments you can imagine. Here’s one of mine:

NB. I have fair skin and freckles.
NB. The 5 year old I was talking to was standing next to his mother.
NB. She was talking to another parent and not paying a great deal of attention.
NB. Some parents have a tendency to severely overdress for the morning school drop-off.

CHILD: What’s wrong with your skin?
Nothing’s wrong with it. They’re called freckles. And, lots of people have different types of skin.
CHILD: But why is it so many colours?
ME: What colours can you see in my skin?
CHILD: I can see brown, and pink, and orange, and white. But different types of ALL those colours.
ME: And you’ve never seen anyone with different colours in their skin before?
CHILD: Mummy has different coloured hair all the time, but she might have more colours under her wrinkles.

Needless to say, his mother went bright red – a wonderful colour.

Sean Ikin - Happy (large)

Happy International Happiness Day guys. My wish is that everyone can find as much happiness in their chosen profession as I have found already in training for mine.