Be a bro to your eyeballs

Recently I’ve been suffering from strained eyes as a result of easily avoidable all-nighters and marathoning The Wire (seriously good show).  My poor eyes have probably suffered a lot these past four years at uni, with the late nights, long gaming sessions and strain of staring at a computer for hours at a time with no breaks.  So I decided to drag myself along to the QUT Kelvin Grove Optometry Health Clinic for an eye test to see how my eyeball bros were going.

The state of my eyes after four years of uni.

The test took about 1.5hrs and was conducted by a QUT Optometry student, supervised by an optometry professional.  They tested my distance, reading, focusing ability, and checked for any diseases using a reaaaally bright light and this pressure-testing contraption using yellow dye and anaesthetic drops. Pretty cool stuff.  Best of all it was bulk-billed, so for a uni student on a budget like myself, it was great to not pay anything! Luckily for me I won’t need glasses just yet and my vision is fine, but at the rate I’m going, I’ll probably need a pair of readers in the future since I spend so much time on the computer.

How I feel after a long computer session. It’s always a fun idea at the time, but afterwards….not so much.

As uni students we’re basically married to our gadgets, and since we’re only going to become more connected to our screens in the future, it’s important to make sure our eyeballs are still in tip-top shape as we age so we can still play video games in our 90s read and drive properly.

Here are some ways to be bros to your eyeballs:

  • Get your eyes tested every 2 years. This is to make sure your vision is still going strong and to check for any diseases that might be lurking back there.
  • Take regular breaks from the computer. Prolonged computer use and continual all-nighters can really mess up your eyes and results in damage to your vision and headaches.  Simply take a short break every half hour or so to reduce strain. Looking out into the distance is good too (the QUT libraries have great views!)
  • Wear your sunnies. You’ll not only look cool but you’ll also protect your eyes from diseases and damage like cataracts.  Plus it’ll reduce your chances of getting crow’s feet around your eyes since you won’t be squinting all the time.

Lucky for us QUT students, the QUT Optometry Clinic bulk-bills and it’s super easy to make an appointment.  Plus the QUT Health Clinics offer a lot of other services for free or cheap as well, so it’s a really convenient one-stop-shop.  Be a bro to your eyeballs and get them checked out!

You don’t want to end up squinting to read things all the time!

How to live life (survive) on a student budget: Part 3

I was flabbergasted recently when a friend and I calculated how much money we each respectively spend on coffee (particularly during heavy assessment time- you know what I’m talking about). I won’t share the amount because, truthfully, it’s a little embarrassing… particularly when I scrimp so much on the necessities (see part 1 and 2- food and hygiene, and parts to come- the roof over my head and things to fill the roof over my head). Then again, it can be argued that when you’re a student, coffee is a necessity. 


Regardless, it all adds up and on a student budget, coffee can start to dehydrate your wallet as well as your body. That’s why I turn to coffee loyalty cards, you know, those things you’ve collected but that sit unused in your wallet. Use them. Seriously. When you drink as much coffee as I do (and I know many of you do), these really do make a difference.

So here it is. My breakdown of the best budget bean offerings on campus.

  • Coco Cozy at Kelvin Grove does one free coffee- any size so go wild, kids!- for every nine purchased. They even offer a complimentary meal if you manage to fill 5×20 stamp cards- that’s one meal after 100 coffees (crazy if you think about it but technically still a free meal).
  • The gang at Pantry Gardens Point are incredibly generous and offer five free coffees for every 19 paid for. Props to you, Pantry.
  • Beadles at Kelvin Grove do the regular one free for every ten which sounds less awesome after Pantry’s impressive offer but hey, it’s conveniently close to the library so it still has that going for it.
  • Boys House of Coffee, Kelvin Grove serves up a quality coffee but don’t offer loyalty cards (yes, I asked). I sometimes deem the coffee that worth it and treat myself to one without a stamp though, so it’s up to you.


Next week I transform into a magician and achieve the impossible, making furniture appear out of thin air for zero dollars. Yes, you heard it, folks. Stay tuned for part four.

Now for my disappearing act… Vamoose *disappears magically into thin air*. Cue applause.

Psych Week Wrap Up

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Part III: The Final Weeks

I can’t speak for everyone here at QUT, but for a lot of us, the holidays are finally here. Congratulations to the people who’ve finally made it through to the end of semester, especially to those who’ve finished their last university exams and assignments ever! Many of you might be wondering, with the final weeks coming to a close, what are the best ways to spend the holidays for the next coming months? Well, part three of my blog just so happens to be dedicated to helping you plan your holidays so that by the time it gets to January, we’re not stuck thinking about what to do next.

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Part II: The Final Weeks

Now that we’ve managed to get through last week, we’re one step closer to the holidays. I’m not going to lie, I may or may not have panicked a bit (a lot) when I realised that my exams are creeping closer and closer. It’s getting kind of hard to stay calm and enjoy the rest of semester with all of this stressing. Luckily, I’ve come up with a few tips on how to make the most out of the remainder of this semester before we can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy upcoming holidays. Read more

Part I: The Final Weeks

So, we’re nearly finished week twelve of the semester. Isn’t that awesome? We’ve all made it through the majority of uni for the year and now there’s only another week, plus exams, left to go. The holidays are literally just around the corner, and we’ll finally be getting the break that we deserve. The only problem is, we have to get through the final few weeks before we can catch up on the sleep we’ve missed throughout semester. And sometimes, the last few weeks really do feel like they’re going to last forever. How exactly does one make it through these weeks without exploding from exhaustion?

Trying to stay awake for the rest of semester

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