The Pantry

I have always had this silly ambition to be able to walk into a cafe and say, “I’ll have the usual thanks,” walk to my usual seat and read a book or draw something or be profoud. Just the usual. And when I started at QUT I found a cafe in which I could see myself being a regular. I ordered the same coffee every time, regular mocha. It was a busy little cafe on the campus grounds so I couldnt exactly have a regular table but I was half way there. But something disastrous happened.

I came to Garden’s Point this year… and it was gone. My faithful cafe with its familiar smell and sound was absent. Obviously I was crushed.

But, despair not! The cafe has reopened, completely refurbished and even more fancy and lovable than before. It is called The Pantry and is situated in the old sandstone building next to the kidney lawn. So, if you’re looking for a quiet, homey, and slightly european-feeling get-away have a wander in.

P.S. try the waffles – holy cow.

Long Holidays & New Opportunities

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since my last blog, but in coming back to university for 2014 I’m rediscovering the great things about student life at QUT!

Of all the perks of being a student at QUT, long holidays and amazing real-world opportunities have got to be my favourites. Unfortunately, since semester has started, my long holiday is over; but the opportunity has just begun!

So what did I do with my long holiday?

Well, just like a lot of uni students I traveled abroad, and of course I picked the destination that’s been number one on my list for quite a while: South Korea. I stayed with the family of a fellow QUT student and had the best time; experiencing the culture, shopping, skiing, and even staying at a pension owned by one of Korea’s top celebrities, G-Dragon!

Leaving was sad, but the upside of coming back and resuming university after the holidays: with hard work and study, I’ll be able to go back through QUT’s exchange program! Not only that, but since QUT is partnered with some of the best universities all over the world, I may even be able to study a university like Korea University or Hanyang University. Exciting!

QUT & some of its partner universities in South Korea!

QUT & some of its partner universities in South Korea!

Do The Loop

Ok, so you’ve made it through your first few weeks, hopefully unscathed, and you’re well on your way to being a fully-fledged student. However, if you are like I was when I first started at QUT, there are a few things you probably haven’t been taught yet.  Read more

Two words: Get Involved.

As it’s my final year at university this year, I’m beginning to think about all the experiences I’ve had and things I regret not doing.  One of my regrets is not getting more involved in a club or group.  There are so many at QUT and it can be a bit overwhelming during Welcome Week with all the tents and groups vying for more members, offering pub crawls and shirts and other freebies.

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a small list outlining just some of the clubs at QUT.  It will be easier to join a club during Welcome Week if you actually know a bit about them!

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It’s Confession Time Again.

Ok here comes another confession.

It happens every year. And it is slightly embarrassing yet I think a prevalent issue amongst Uni students. The first day of school. When we were in high school it was ok – we had a set uniform, a school bag, and appearance regulations. But Uni? We actually have to make our own decisions. Day one of Uni and the decision that freaks us out the most, or at least me, is WHAT DO I WEAR?

Ok, makes me sound vain. But first impressions are undeniably powerful and I don’t even know what impression I want to make. Do I wear shorts and a casual shirt? Or is that too casual? Perhaps a dress? Or is that too fancy and what if it’s windy? Wind also rules out a skirt… singlets make me feel exposed and jeans would be too hot at this time of year. You see the predicament? And shoes? I promised myself on the first day of Uni that I would never wear thongs…. That promise died after a few weeks. They’re comfy – but what if it rains? And then every girl gets a bit tied about makeup – proper makeup? Or just casual? I’m unfortunate having white skin – any blemish looks like a little LED light winking at everyone, you can see them twinkle in the distance – you’ll always see us coming so to prevent the people from being distracted by said blinking lights, makeup is a must.

First day of school =

No seriously…

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Get ready to get in early!

Across many social media sites I have seen a ton of posts about people receiving university offers into a wide range of courses. If you are one of these people, congratulations, and welcome to QUT! Whether you’re fresh out of high school, someone who’s taken a gap year, or a mature aged student – the biggest piece of advice I can give my new fellow students is to get ready to get in early. Read more

Round 3.

It was rough, but I made it.
Last year, starting out as a newly-graduated school girl I managed to enroll myself in a fourth-year subject without knowing. And I would have attended the classes with the twenty-something-year-old’s not realising I had made a mistake were it not for my brother. This year however I managed to enrol correctly without his help. I may still have had to call the faculty help desk and get them to walk me through the process which involved majors and minors and un-submitted forms and slow internet….  but I still consider this a win.

Amelia: 1
Pit of Despair: 0

Editor’s note: feel free to visit our enrolment and class registration pages if you’re starting uni or a returning student.

The Countdown

It’s after graduation, schoolies and general end of high school antics, and you’re awaiting that one or two digit number set to determine your near future. Thanks to your high school’s preachings, many of you still consider your OP to be the holy grail to success.

While it’s true that the right OP may perhaps get you into your desired area of study quicker and easier, it mustn’t be forgotten that countless other pathways exist in regards to getting to where you want to be – a topic that I’ve previously written about.

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Public Transport Playlist

We all know that Public Transport can start your day off in an unpleasant way. The train or bus ride into uni can either help you have a great day, or can put you in a foul mood for hours. But to avoid said foul mood, I tend to find a good ol’ tune to be the best method.  Read more