Study at one of the top Business Schools in Europe

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, The Netherlands

Location: Maastricht, South Limburg, The Netherlands.

Why study here?: 4th best young university in the world, triple accredited business school, melting pot of European culture, travel opportunities.

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics has been named the 4th best young university in the world, and is one of only 1% of business schools worldwide to be triple-crown accredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA). SBE is home to over 4200 students, and is the most international university in the Netherlands – with half of their students and staff coming from abroad. Most courses are taught in English and SBE are well- known for their Problem-Based Learning system and international orientation. The university offers students guidance and support for international students in regards to visas, accommodation and more, and offers a buddy programme to help you settle in during your semester abroad.

The Maastricht is one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands, due to its vibrancy, culture and internationalisation. Maastricht is known as the birthplace of the European Union and the Schengen Treaty. It is a melting pot of different European cultures, and is filled with historic buildings and cutting-edge modern architecture. The city has quaint cobblestone streets, impressive churches, wonderful city squares, delicious food from neighbouring countries Germany and Belgian, museums, pubs, music venues and shopping. Almost everyone rides a bike in and around Maastricht, and many other famous European cities are close by.

If you want to explore some more of Europe during your exchange, Maastricht is the perfect base. Don’t let the southern location of Maastricht deceive you – Rotterdam and Amsterdam are only 2.5 hours away by car or train, Cologne and Brussels are only 1.5 hours away by car, and Paris is 3.5 hours away by train.

10 Things to Love About Bishop’s University

Let’s be honest, there’s more than just 10 great things about Bishop’s. I could rave about this place all day. But instead I’m keeping it brief and bringing you 10 things I’ve enjoyed about going to school here!

  1. Small School Size

You see familiar faces everywhere you go and are always bumping into friends.

  1. Residence

You can choose to live off campus in one of the many nearby houses and apartments or on campus in one of the residence buildings. There are lots of great options to make you feel right at home.

  1. Dining Hall

It’s been declared the 2nd best in the country and it’s easy to see why. With an ever-changing menu, made-to-order omelette, crêpe, stir-fry, pasta and grill stations, long opening hours and plenty of space to eat with friends or catch up on some television on the projector screen.

  1. Sport

There’s something on every weekend from football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer or rugby. The atmosphere at these games is incredible. There are varsity and club teams meaning everyone gets a chance to play.

  1. Classes

They’re engaging and taught by professors who know you by name and are always up for a chat.

  1. Clubs

From the Environmental Club, Investment Club, Social Justice Collective or Bowling Club, there’s something for everyone.

  1. The Gait

The campus bar hosts Happy Hour every Thursday and Gait Night every Saturday with free entry, drink specials, DJs and live bands, and themed events.

  1. The Plex

There’s a lot to do in one place. This building has a gym, study area, pool, ice skating rink, basketball courts, combat room, dance studio, health clinic and café, all available for student use.

  1. Diversity

The university is made up of 2300 students of all sorts of different nationalities, races, sexualities and genders.

  1. Location

Small town life is great. You can walk to everything you need, no cars needed. There’s a supermarket, service station, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, various shops (liquor store, bookstore, dollarstore) and the local pub. And for when you’re feeling that city life, Montréal is a bus ride away.

My Time in Mannheim

Caitlin: University of Mannheim, Germany – Semester 2, 2015 & Semester 1, 2016

My name is Caitlin and I set out on my year abroad to Europe in July, 2015. At that time, I had no idea that the next year of my life would be the best year yet!! For the next year, I was undertaking my study year abroad at the University of Mannheim, which is located in the South/West part of Germany. This was a city of approximately 360,000 inhabitants and it was here that I made friends from around the world.

Galata Tower, Turkey

Galata Tower, Turkey

Prior to moving into my apartment in Mannheim, I did a contiki tour solo in Turkey and Greece. It was the summertime and I saw the perfect opportunity to embrace the beautiful weather. I highly recommend doing some travel before you start your exchange semester or year, so that you feel a bit more confident towards travelling solo for when you do arrive in your exchange destination.


During my year abroad, I had some amazing experiences and was able to share these experiences with the awesome people I met along the way. My favourite parts of the year abroad were the wine festivals in Germany, of course the beer festivals too: P below is a photo of my friends and I at the Stuttgart Volksfest Beer Festival!

My Brother and I in front of Mannheim

My Brother and I in front of Mannheim

Travelling to Amsterdam was amazing, I loved the city’s atmosphere and would go back again in a heartbeat. I was lucky enough to travel to Norway to spend Christmas with one of my closest friends from exchange and experience a proper Norwegian Christmas. I will never forget it!!! There I am below enjoying the Norwegian snow! I would do this year all over again; it will change your life!

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Getting Involved at City Uni London

Hannah: City University London, Semester 1, 2016

I learned social sport was a year round activity open to all new students so I joined the hockey team. This was a definite highlight of my university experience as I got the opportunity to be a part of a team and met some amazing individuals. Together we attended training and games each week, sports award dinners and Wednesday nights at city bar where each sport hosted events. Attending city bar provided another opportunity to meet individuals and develop friendships. The campus consisted of a number of connected buildings, specific to different faculties, which were a mixture of modern and older features.

City University London - Women's Hockey Team

City University London – Women’s Hockey Team

Awards Night Dinner

Awards Night Dinner

The Library provided extensive study spaces and resources and the food court was a central and vibrate meeting place. I studied third year criminology units including Youth crime, Gender and crime and policing while completing Indigenous Justice externally at QUT. The classes were quite small, providing an opportunity to ask questions, communicate with other students and actively engage with the learning material. In youth crime each week focused on a different theory and the course structure involved planning a group oral presentation on a specific theory (20%) and at the end of term handing in an essay on the chosen youth crime theory (80%). I had the pleasure of working with two girls on the topic of sexual bullying in schools. The style of assessment was quite different in terms of the weight attributed, and for my other two units I had 100% exams, although I had a month to prepare for the exams it was quite a stressful period. Overall I enjoyed my experience at the university and felt I participated to the best of my ability in social and academic.

Friends for Life at San Jose State University

Charlie: San Jose State University, California, USA – Semester 1, 2016

Hi! I’m Charlie Shaw-Feather and I am studying a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Computer and Software Systems. I studied at San Jose State University (SJSU) for the spring semester, 2016.

As I am writing this I am on my way back to San Jose for a holiday to catch up with the friends that I made and the relationships I hope to last a lifetime.

Whilst on exchange I stayed at SJSU’s International house. This was a college owned house situated just off campus for international students, welcoming students from all countries. This formed an integral foundation for the time that I spent in San Jose. They hosted a plethora of different activities and events to engage students allowing them to get out of their comfort zone. When I stayed there was a little over 60 residents, about 12 of which were from the US.

I set out on exchange to experience as much of American college culture as I could and what better way than to join a fraternity. The colleges orientation week coincides with ‘rush week’ which is the time that fraternities and sororities seek new members. ‘Friends for life’; is one of the mottos that is prevalent throughout the Greek (fraternity/sorority) community and it is most certainly true.

The left picture is Tower Hall, an event building on SJSU’s campus. On the right, is Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada.

The left picture is Tower Hall, an event building on SJSU’s campus. On the right, is Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada.


The whole community is very accepting and it is an extremely rewarding experience. One of the great parts about being in a fraternity is the philanthropic events. For example, Kappa Sigma, the fraternity that I am a member of hosts a series of events each semester to support military veterans.

When planning my finances for my travels I had to not only account for my student exchange but I also had to plan for my short term program before hand as well; I was overseas for 8 months in total. QUT has plenty of different support systems for students including OS-HELP loans and bursaries. Without QUT’s support I would not have been able to experience as much of American culture as I did.

When paying for living expenses one of the reasons that I chose to stay at I-House was that they offered a meal plan. This meal plan was for 7 days a week with extra dining credits to spend on campus restaurants outside of the dining hall. It should be noted that the food was nothing to call home about, other than to complain…

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Out & About in Leeds

Elouise: University of Leeds, Semester 1, 2016

From the moment I submitted my exchange application, right up until I hopped off the train at Leeds station I was unsure if I had made the correct decision and picked the right university/ destination. But boy am I glad that I picked Leeds, what a city!!! Although not a top tourist destination for many (even for the British), Leeds is such a liveable city especially for students. Almost everything is catered to students. There are student prices and discounts, student nights, student real estate agents, student everything!

Leeds Corn Exchange - Call Lane

Leeds Corn Exchange – Call Lane

There are so many great little bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants all through Leeds. For

Leeds City Markets - Best for cheap groceries!

Leeds City Markets – Best for cheap groceries!

quirky pubs and bars there is Call Lane which is lined with anything and everything you could want. There are also a lot of places that do live music gigs, one of my personal favourites is Belgrave Beer Hall. They also have some of the best pizza in Leeds!

And of course your time in Leeds would not be complete without experiencing the infamous Otley Run, at least once. This is a pub crawl that runs from Headingly down Otley Road toward the Uni and the city. If you join any clubs, teams or societies you will definitely be dragged along to an Otley run. The university halls also do their own Otley’s throughout the year. But they are a great way to meet people, get to know new friends and also discover the best pubs Leeds has to offer.


Australia Day Otley Run

Australia Day Otley Run

I won’t tell you everything, and there is plenty left to discover, but I will say this, Leeds will definitely provide you with the best night out. Leeds also has some fantastic shopping, the city is filled with large shopping centres – the most impressive is Trinity Leeds, which also has a great food hall in it full of street food and food stalls.


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My First Glimpse of London

Hannah: City University London, Semester 1, 2016

I had the pleasure of travelling and living in London, United Kingdom for the last six months. I was lucky enough to find accommodation with another student from QUT, Rosie Jones. We lived in a share house in Canary Wharf and studied at City University London. City Uni unfortunately did not offer on-campus living accommodation because it was not a partner school with QUT. The university was quite small compared to QUT, but the staff and students were very friendly and engaging community.

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace, London

During the semester, students were campaigning for student election and it was very evident the students felt passionately and were dedicated to improving their university experiences. My initial orientation was very informative; I had the opportunity to meet other students involved in the exchange program in the sociology department. The staff provided extensive sessions to communicate all of the essential information from using online resources to social events and counseling services. Through email I was constantly kept up to date with important information, upcoming workshops and opportunities. I was able to easily access the counseling support services when I was having difficulty transitioning in the first few months, which allowed me to develop the confidence to go travelling.

Why I chose to study at The University of Hull

When I first arrived at the University of Hull, I was incredibly overwhelmed with my new surroundings. My student accommodation was one that you saw in movies; all the houses on my street were identical. However, once I had unpacked and settled in and met my new housemates I instantly loved it. Starting off as complete strangers, you would not believe how close you become after the semester has finished. It was like a little family was formed. Living in a student house was one of the best choices as I had the opportunity to live and experience a variety of cultures. My roommates were from France, America, Germany and the Ukraine. So you can imagine what the family dinners consisted of.pic 3

I initially chose Hull as I had heard through friends and family that Hull had a reputable business program and a strong exchange relationship with QUT. This partnership assured me that this exchange semester would improve my Business studies and educational development.

Hull itself is small town located in Kingston upon Hull, a city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is renown for its professional football team and its famous cheesy chips. Although it was only a small town, it gave me the opportunity to become good friends with the locals and create life long friendships. Hull is also conveniently located about an hour away from Leeds, which allowed me to travel to Dublin, Copenhagen and Edinburgh all for around 20 pounds. It was also an overnight ferry trip to Amsterdam, making weekend trips a must. Hull was also extremely affordable. Many items were considerably cheaper than the South, especially the nightlife.

 I didn’t really have an initial budget for my exchange. I decided to go over with the approach of having ‘no regrets’ and knowing that Hull was known for its cheap prices really did help. On average, I would spend approximately 120 pounds a week which including weekly grocery shopping, clubbing nights out, taxis, home cooked family dinners and the occasional recovery meal of cheesy chips.pic 1

I would definitely recommend travelling whilst abroad!! Make the most of your time overseas as it goes incredibly quickly. Make sure you don’t get lazy and too comfortable, keep remembering where you are in the world and travel as much as possible (while still studying and passing, of course). Make the most Ryanair’s 20 pound return flights to Europe. Like everyone says, the world is your oyster and it’s what you make of it. I was lucky enough to travel throughout the June/ July break as the Hull University semester didn’t start till late September. I explored many parts of Europe and honestly had the best 3 months of my life.

Also join a sporting team!! Wednesday nights were by far my favourite night in Hull. It was when each sporting team had ‘circle’, aka socials where socialise with your sporting team and then head over to the nightclub on campus where each team soon partied on. pic 4These socials involved horrendous dress up themes, which changed week to week and also the opportunity to meet other sports teams when there were joint socials. If you manage any spare room in your suitcase, I highly recommend packing some dress up options. These nights were seriously great, nothing better than a blast from the past (S Club 7) and current bangers like J Biebs.

One tip would be definitely packing your favourite Australian foods, snack and chocolates to overcome homesickness. Tim Tams is a must as these can be found in certain shops however for three times the price in Australia and also vegemite. You cannot go wrong with vegemite on toast for breakfast. Necessities like phone, cameras and laptops are also important as it is a great way to stay in contact with everyone back home.

Heidi’s highlights in Leeds

Last September I embarked on the incredible experience of an exchange semester at Leeds University. I chose this University for a number of reasons: the availability of my Biomedical Science subjects, its high reputation within the UK, for the chance to live in Leeds and be close to the beautiful Lake District, and its prime location between London and old Scotland town, Edinburgh. Leeds exceeded my expectations not only with its beautiful campus but also the city of Leeds was full of great shops, markets and exciting events.

pic 1

The highlight of Leeds University is its student Union, which went above and beyond in all areas. The Union housed countless groups and clubs available to join as well as hosting several social events throughout the semester. Inside the union was a multitude of warm cafes and always students/staff to answer all of my questions about accommodation, subjects, timetables and transport around Leeds. At the beginning of semester, there was a program running called “give it a go”. It allowed you to try all sorts of activities in different groups to get a taste of what clubs you might like to join or to just have fun and make friends. It included pillow making, cooking, day trips to other Yorkshire cities, sport games, movie nights, fundraisers, horse riding and heaps more. Get Out Get Active was another fantastic group open to anyone that operated throughout semester. It hosted, hiking, kayaking, orienteering, cycling and climbing trips almost every weekend that you could tag along on.

pic 2

I joined the Hiking Committee and saw breathtaking sights around Yorkshire that I would probably never have seen on my own. We travelled to the Lake District for a weekend, and also many day trips to the Yorkshire Dales, Ilkey Moore, and more. The two images below are just a glimpse of these magnificent locations. I always used to think of London exclusively when I thought of England but my study abroad semester there showed me the English countryside and mountains are just as unique and exhilarating.

pic 3

I had a blast living at Oxley Residence, which was a dormitory style housing with beautiful buildings and grounds (pictured left). The rooms were single with an en-suite and a large desk, and while I hadn’t had any room in my suitcase for room décor, it soon felt like home. I shared a hallway and kitchen with 4 other exchange students and made life-long friends with them and the other students at Oxley. I personally didn’t experience culture shock, I easily slipped into life at Leeds. The only part I found particularly difficult was the weather. I had packed all my warmest winter clothes but soon learnt Australian winter clothes are not English winter clothes. Walking in the rain when its windy and cold without a proper coat is not fun even in beautiful places. To any students travelling to a European country for semester 2 exchanges, BRING A THICK WINTER COAT. It is a must have and don’t be fooled into thinking the jacket you wear in July in Brisbane is going to last you.

pic 4

At the time of my exchange semester, the Australian dollar to the British Pound was not favorable for those transferring to the pound. I saved a few thousand dollars for spending money not including rent since I knew the number would be halved when transferring to the pound. I used a travel card from my Australian bank, which I would recommend to travellers since you can transfer money via Internet banking to any currency (so I still had Euros when I travelled to other countries in Europe). The cost of living in Leeds is not nearly as expensive as in London, but due to the worth of the dollar it was still expensive compared to Brisbane. I recommend to future exchange students to make a budget – factoring in transport, food, any further travel and extras – and be strict on yourself to keep it. Living overseas I found the app International SOS – introduced to us in one of the pre-departure talks at QUT – very helpful. It gave me regular updates on the cities near me as well as serving as a sense of security.

pic 5

Study abroad was once in a lifetime experience that I recommend to all QUT students. It helped me grow as an independent person and a proactive student. It did fuel my wanderlust and I am now itching to travel again to more countries. Being a student in another country is so different to simply being a tourist. You have the chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle, and are given so many amazing opportunities that you share with people from all walks of life. My study abroad semester is a time I will always cherish; along with the friends I made there whom I cannot wait to meet again is some far off city! I highly, highly recommend exchange to any student with a sense of adventure, a longing for culture and a wish for a life-changing experience.

pic 6 pic 7


Scoring my first boundary in cricket

One of the other exchange students Philip, who was from Taiwan, joined the Bath Spa American Football team. Going to watch him play made me realise that I wanted to get more involved with extra-curricular activities in Bath. I had always wanted to play cricket and so Claire and I decided to join the cricket team. We went along to practice one day and were welcomed warmly by the boys in the team. Claire didn’t stick with it, but I did and played three matches for Bath Spa during the time I was there. I wasn’t a star, but it never mattered to everyone else, and we had a great time together as a team. I scored my first boundary in our 40-over match and made some great friends.

The Cricket Team and I at Bath Spa

The Cricket Team and I at Bath Spa

Joining the cricket team was a great way to meet people and make friends, not just within the university but also in the community. We played against two of the local teams in Bath – Lansdowne Cricket Club and Hampset Cricket Club. Playing cricket in England was so much fun, and having tea during our break felt very authentically English! I was lucky enough to also attend the first Ashes test in Cardiff at the beginning of July with one of my friends from the Bath Spa team. It was a great day, despite the eventual result of the match.

My experiences while I was on exchange have helped to broaden my mind and have changed my perspective on the world. I am less judgemental and more confident in myself than I was before I went on exchange. Going to England was a good choice for me because there was no language barrier, and some of my family are English so it almost feels like home. Studying in another country was an unforgettable experience, and I am so glad that I was able to take part in exchange while I am at university.