Cambodia – You are beautiful!

Paula M., Bachelor of Creative Industries
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Semester 1, 2017)

I was fortunate enough to spend four days in Siem Reap, Cambodia last week. It was a wonderful mix of adventure and R&R, plus I met some great people along the way.

Because Cambodia is so cheap (especially compared to SNG!) I splurged on a 5 star spa resort, which cost me $70 a night, including spa treatments, breakfast and discounts on already cheap cocktails!

Day 1, I arrived in the afternoon so after settling into my room, I went to the cultural dinner and show held by the resort. The traditional Cambodian food was super tasty, and all of the dancers and musicians were really talented. A great night out.

Day 2, I went to the Angkor Archaeological Park to do the Flight of the Gibbon. This was amazing – a must do! I was super lucky because I had three guides with me, so one of them volunteered to be my personal photographer – LEGEND! After zip-lining through the tree tops. I went to a pottery class where I learnt to shape clay. The spinning wheel used was manual, so this surely tested my coordination and leg muscles. From here I took a tuk tuk back to the resort, and sat by the pool with a mojito (or two) while waiting for my full body massage. It’s safe to say, I slept really well that night. Especially considering I am currently sleeping in a single bed on campus, so the king size bed was like a dream.

Day 3, I was up and eagerly ready by 4:30am to start the sunrise bicycle temple tour. This was better than I could ever anticipate. There was almost a universal silence across all the people who came to see the sun appear over Angkor Wat; the sight was absolutely breathtaking. From here we walked through Angkor Wat, then donned our bicycles and rode through the forest to the Bayon and Ta Prohm templates.


The last day was spent relaxing around the resort before heading to the airport – Singapore bound. Four days was nowhere near long enough. I really hope I can visit again soon!


Engineering Design Summit in Cambodia

Himanthi M, Bachelor of Engineering

Engineers Without Borders: Cambodia Design Summit (February 2017)

The experiences and opportunities that were on offer were once in a lifetime. The opportunity to live in a remote Cambodian village really opened my eyes to realities of people’s lives around the world. The trip also allowed me to discover Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. This bustling city is a central hub. There are so many great restaurants to try the local cuisine. The program took us to many new places every meal which gave us the chance to discover new parts of the cities we visited.

The weather did get quite warm on some days but most of the time the monsoon rain came in the afternoon which cooled the weather and the nights were comfortable. The accommodation provided by the program was really great and high quality. They were well organised and provided our needs. It was great staying with all the people who were on the summit and it meant that there were always group activities happening. Also activities were included in program cost which included dolphin watching, cultural experiences and historical tours.

The shopping was great in the local markets in Phnom Penh and the provincial towns. The prices were negotiable so don’t be afraid to bargain. The design summit focused on human design. We also had lectures on sustainable design, intercultural skills workshops, communication and the design process. The like-minded people and the contacts developed on the trip were so valuable.  Lifelong friendships were formed.This experience is invaluable and I definitely would recommend the EWB Design Summit for all engineering students.