Misleading York Pudding

As I’m sitting here about to post yet another entry, I look out my window and I finally feel like I live in London. If the constant rain and overcast skies aren’t an indication I simply have to look at the temperature which is a barmy (ha) 12 degrees Celsius! It even got down to 9 degrees on Wednesday (funny funny – good one London)! Read more

Hugh and Jake who?!

Hi there!

So I’ve officially been on exchange for just over two weeks in London! So far I have loved everything about this city! From the transport (amazing compared to Brisbane) to the fashion and shopping, it’s going to be very hard to come home in January. However, just for now I’ll do a quick recap of some exciting things that have happened in the past week! Read more

London calling…

Well Hi there! This is the first of many entries I intend to create whilst on exchange. I haven’t left home yet as my exchange doesn’t start until September (the three month break has been fantastic). While I wait I’ve been working as much as I can in order to fund my trip! Something I knew but severely underestimated was how expensive London is! It seems every week there is something else I have to buy in order to take over or ensure is in my possession! Anyways, I’ll leave it there for now! Hopefully next entry I’ll be in London with more exciting news to share!