In sLOVEnia once again

One of the main reasons I considered studying in Slovenia was my decision to go somewhere for a whole year. This ruled out some of the more popular options, and one in particular I had been accepted to. I had also been worrying that I had taken the easiest option instead of the best one so as I researched all the other exchange options (and I mean ALL) I realised that it was the best possible thing that could have happened, and I am still thankful for it. Read more

Misleading York Pudding

As I’m sitting here about to post yet another entry, I look out my window and I finally feel like I live in London. If the constant rain and overcast skies aren’t an indication I simply have to look at the temperature which is a barmy (ha) 12 degrees Celsius! It even got down to 9 degrees on Wednesday (funny funny – good one London)! Read more