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Wondering what students get up to on their weekends in Grenoble? Well our University had planned a ropes course on the Saturday and a trip to Annecy, France on the Sunday.

On Saturday, myself and the other students were full of adrenaline throughout the entirety of the ropes course largely due to the fact we were up in the treetops and crossing thin ropes and wires with obstacles in our way to make each area more challenging. To start, we completed the beginners course which I found quite easy (luckily). From there, I felt ready to face one of the harder coursers, the “red course”. After a few obstacles on the red course (climbing up a rope ladder and walking across a thin rope with not much to hold onto) I was exhausted and fear got the better of me. Worst problem was that I had to finish the course, as there was no other way down. By the end of the course though, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I had just walked across and weaved my way through thin ropes and down big nets. The ropes course was a fantastic way of facing fears, experiencing a different type of challenge and receiving encouragement from fellow students.


Ropes Course by Ellie Bakker

Ropes Course by Ellie Bakker

Ropes Course by Ellie Bakker

Ropes Course by Ellie Bakker

Today (Sunday, 24 June 2012), we took a trip to Annecy, which is about one and a half hours from Grenoble. Annecy is beautiful and I would describe it as being very colourful with the bright green mountains, blue rivers, bright coloured buildings and flowers everywhere. There are many tourists weaving through the streets, markets and little shops and enjoying the food of many restaurants. We got to explore the Annecy goal, explore the town and have lunch at a great little French style restaurant. Many of my classmates hired boats and went along the river as the rest of us wandered the streets. It was such a fantastic day and I would really recommend everyone to visit the beauty of Annecy.


However, we are back at our residency now and after such a wonderful weekend, it is hard to get motivated to study. I do however, have to hit the books so it is goodbye for now.

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    Deb Bakker

    The ropes course sounds very challenging, especially the red course where the only way is forward despite what you have to confront in order to complete the course. A bit like life, really!

    It is really interesting reading your blog as Grenoble seems to offer such diverse and challenging experiences, but also some time to see the beautiful surrounding districts. What a great experience for those students who are lucky to be chosen to study at Grenoble.

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      Thank you for your comment. The ropes course was very challenging and you are correct with your comparison in the way that for the red course the only way was forward, just like life.

      Here in Grenoble we are open to so many educational, cultural and life experiences and have the beauty of the ALPS and scenery surrounding us. It is a fantastic place to study and I do recommend Grenoble for all future students looking at studying abroad.

      Hope to hear more comments from you in future :).

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