Mid semester break and St. Patrick’s Day

So it has been awhile since my last post but that is for good reason. I have just been on our 2 week mid semester break and it was amazing. The best thing about going on exchange to Europe is you can fly to so many countries in 1-2 hours. There are always extremely cheap flights on the budget airlines like Ryan Air so it is great for travelling. Some tips for travelling on Ryan Air though…they are extremely cheap but they try and squeeze money out of you any way they can. They go around and measure people’s carry-on baggage and if your over you will get fined. You also have to print off your boarding pass before you go to the airport or it is 50 euros.


Anyway on our trip we went to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava,Budapest and Krakow. They were all amazing cities but I would have to say Prague was my favourite. The architecture and atmosphere of the place was awesome. Another highlight was skiing in the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia. I’ve only skied before in Australia and New Zealand and not only was this better snow but a lot cheaper.

If you are keen for a party I would definitely recommend Prague and Budapest. Not only are they cheap but they have some great bars. In Budapest there are a bunch of bars called ‘ruin bars’ which are literally in the ruins of old bars from the Soviet occupation.

We came back from our trip in time for St. Patrick’s day. As you may have guessed St. Patrick’s day in Ireland is a little bit of a big deal. If you are studying anywhere in Europe I would definitely recommend coming for the weekend. The whole city goes crazy and every pub is full. Make sure you book early though as the city is literally full for the weekend.

Finally I’ll talk about my exams. I’ve had two mid terms so far and it is a little bit different from QUT. They just cram everyone in the lecture theater and your allowed to begin as soon as your handed a paper. Me and my other friend from QUT were waiting for them to tell us to start before we realised. They dont record the time on the board either so you better hope you can see the clock on the wall (which I couldn’t haha).

That’s all for now. More updates soon.