Current Happenings

Just an update on what I’ve been doing lately:

  • Submitted a couple of assignments. I’m currently doing well here, scoring the equivalents of QUT 7’s. Sadly, I’m REALLY not being challenged here, perhaps because I’m doing all business subjects, rather than also doing IT (Business can be challenging, don’t get me wrong. I just seem to be doing really easy subjects, either that, or they have lesser expectations).
  • Had altercation with a local psycho.
  • Improving at Gym
  • Have a massively decreasing workload, looking forward to the holidays in 2 weeks
  • My Mother dearest is coming from Australia soon. Maybe then I’ll take an interest in all these 100 year old buildings. Narrow as all hell when you try to walk in them. Good incentive to lose weight, if anyone was so inclined.
  • Horrible weather

I’m not really sure what I had in mind when I wrote this. I’m in a relatively good mood today. I really miss home, because of friends, not being able to do the activities I do in Australia. I’m so going camping when I go back. Prepare the keg of Heineken and the steaks.

I should also explain, learning system is so different here. I might try and write a blog about how it works, and give it a comparative analysis with QUT, so anyone in future knows what they are in for when they come here. Imagine life without assignment minder. Embrace QUT’s convenience in that regard.

Alright, Stay Classy Australia,


Bad blogger

I’m a bit like a bad son. I seldom make contact with my parents. I don’t write, I don’t call, and I don’t keep my parents involved in my livelihood whatsoever, due to the daily perils of life, and other priorities. Now I could make time for all these things, but at the end of the day, it just gets shoved down the priority list.

Now take everything I just said, and apply it to the context of blogging. I lied about the bad son part. I’m actually a marvellous son. But what I’m trying to say is, I should do better blogging.

So what I’ll do now is just upload a whole bunch of photos of scenery I’ve taken:

The highlight was probably the DeLorean I saw a week a go. A person in Walmer (which is 10 miles or something from Deal, a place I visit a lot) owns this time machine version of the DeLorean. It was the single most coolest thing I’ve seen here. If you don’t know what this car is, you need to google Back to the Future.

Just joined a gym because I didn’t want to use the cold weather as a reason to avoid exercise anymore. Two assignments left for the semester, then an exam. Hopefully when I go on holidays here, I’ll be more exciting than I currently am. Because I currently know I’m pretty boring. About the only entertainment these blogs bring is the fact I can make you laugh with my words, but achieve nothing in of significance in my real life between blog posts, whilst I’ve been here.

I promise to be a better blogger (maybe).

Stay classy Australia,