Introduction and a rant on preparation

Hey guys. I guess this officially marks the first blog post in what is sure to be a series of exciting and “informative” content. Get excited!

I am leaving Australia for the U.K on the 19th of December, which is pretty soon. At this point most people point out that I shall not be here for Christmas. Great observation. I will definitely be missing my family during this period of time and I think my Mother will go crazy.

As I write this, I am currently scanning and making copies of all the documentation that I will need to take with me for applying for my student visitor visa upon arrival (i.e. bank statements, acceptance letter, etc). I am not looking forward to going through immigration after a long flight. I initially wanted to apply for my visa whilst I was over here, however the most vital piece of supporting documentation (the acceptance letter) didn’t arrive soon enough to: apply online, wait for an appointment to get biometrics done, travel to get said biometrics done, send away biometric data with supporting documentation, hope that they process the information in less than 4 weeks (when in some extreme circumstances, the U.K Border agency has stated it can take up to 12 weeks) and hope that nothing happens to my passport that would delay my travel plans. In short, it was deemed to be less time consuming and worrying if I apply for the visa when I get off the plane. On a side note, the mandatory online application process is probably one of the most frustrating things you could ever do in your life time. But I digress.

18 days until I fly out! it’s very exciting. Currently busy with doing last minute things, getting documentation necessary for my visa, handling matters of power of attorney, and making the most of the time remaining here in Australia.

Without actually being in the country yet, I’ve got pretty little to write. I promise I’ll post again at some point after my arrival.



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    TLDR but the last 2 paragraphs summed it up quite nicely.


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