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Hi All!
My name is Kate and I am three weeks away from leaving Australia to begin my one year exchange at Arizona State University. I currently study a Bachelor of Fine Art (Creative Writing) and a Bachelor of Business (PR). I am flying down to Sydney tomorrow to apply for my J1 visa. The documents I am taking down are:
DS160 FORM (applied for online)
QUT Academic Transcripts
A letter from my mother stating she will financially support me during my trip.
A letter from my mother’s bank confirming the amount of money she has in her acct to fund my trip.
Bank statements of a joint account between my mother and myself with a balance.
DS2019 form that arrives with my welcome pack form the uni.
Sevis fee form print out confirming I have paid the fee.
Return flight itinerary.
Photograph of myself for visa form.
Print off of my appt booking time.
Self addressed pre paid envelope.
This is a large amount of documents to accumulate for a visa. Some of them are not 100% nescessary. However, if you are applying for a visa it is always better to be completely preparded than have to reorganise your appointment.
Hope this helps guys! Will let you know what the appointment is like on Wednesday!
🙂 Kate

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