No hablo Espanol

We started in Barcelona on Sunday. We took a walking tour of the old city, saw the old city walls and looked at a lot of the historical buildings. Barcelona has very narrow streets and it’s pretty easy to get lost if you’re new in town and don’t speak Spanish.

Some of the sites we visited included the Picasso Museum and La Sagrada Familia – the church that architect Gaudi designed that’s taken 125 years to build so far and it’s still incomplete.

Barcelona is on the coast so I saw the beach for the first time in months. It was so relaxing just to lie on the beach, in the sun. I swear I absorbed more Vitamin D in those few days than I have in the last three months.

Then we continued on to Madrid, the country’s capital where it was time to live out the ultimate Madrid experience, visiting the Real Madrid stadium, looking at what must’ve been 100’s of trophies and acting like huge football (not soccer)  fans.

While in Madrid, we visited the Palace and got to walk around inside the dining room, throne room, old pharmacy and armoury. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos inside but it was beautiful, take my word for it.

We then went to the Prado Museum where we saw more Picasso and some work from Goya. To be honest, I feel like both artists weren’t quite right in the head but that’s just my personal interpretation.

We also went to the amazing botanical gardens that had a huge man-made lake where you could canoe. It was just perfect and the weather was gorgeous!

We also went to a flamenco show. The foot stomping and skirt twirling was so entertaining but our favourite part had to be the “flamenco face” – this stern expression that makes the dancers all look stressed or in pain. As the audience, it was hard not to have a little giggle.

So that was Spain! We flew back into London so I spent a few days with my lovely QUT friend Kim who graduated last year. She’s now living and working in London and I hope that maybe that’ll be me in a few years!

In two days I leave for Greece where I’ll be visiting lots of cousins, aunts and uncles who I haven’t seen in 12 years! I’m so excited to visit them all. Then Georgia and I are off to Turkey for ANZAC Day! I honestly can’t wait and I feel like this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

The end of classes

This week marked the end of classes for my exchange to Canada. I honestly cannot believe how fast time has gone and in less than three weeks, when exams have been written and their ending celebrated, we will be packing our bags and leaving Fenwick Tower for the last time. The past few weeks have been a blur. So much has happened since reading week.

10 days after the Bahamas, myself, 2 girls and 1 boy from Fenwick headed to Cancun, Mexico for a 4 day long weekend during American Spring Break. Our timing coincided with the beginning of the celebrations, so things weren’t as wild as they get, but it was still an awesome experience and I would definitely be keen to return to experience more of Mexico at some point. Our flight to Mexico involved a 10 hour stopover in New York, so we made the most of the oppportunity and caught the subway into Manhattan to do a spot of shopping and a little sight seeing.

We returned to the airport to find out flight delayed due to the weather. After a few more hassles we finally got to Cancun after 1am, about 4 hours later than expected. We had been upgraded to a nicer hotel before we left but upon arrival there we found there had again been a booking issue and we were instead upgraded once more. Finally getting to our hotel after 2am was not the start we had dreamed of but vowed to enjoy our luxurious accommodation for the weekend! We woke up the next morning to be blown away by the quality of the hotel and the indescribable view! WOW. the rest of the weekend more than made up for the hassles at the beginning and we were once again sad to leave the warm weather, but happy to return to our home, Halifax (and to show off our tans to the pasty Canadians!)


After Cancun came St Patty’s Day. Nova Scotia has proud Scottish connections and origins, and the people of Halifax were more than willing to extend such ties to include Ireland for the day! Things could not have been greener! We arrived at the Grawood (which is the on-campus bar at Dal) at the modest time of 11:30am (very well behaved in comparison to those who went to the old maritime pub on the waterfront at 6am!!) all decked out in green finery. The bar staff were dying people’s beer green, there were shamrocks everywhere and the festive spirit was high- if I hadn’t known better you could have quite easily convinced me I was in Ireland!

The next day, despite the damage inflicted on my liver the day before, I trotted off to my family law class at 9am. Talk about dedication!
After St Patty’s things quitened down a little, as we all tried to catch up with uni work, while still fitting in a weekly excursion to the nightlife!

We have also climbed onto the roof of Fenwick Tower (33 story building) a few times, and have gotten some amazing photos.. there is a ladder to the top from our balcony, but no railing on the roof and we probably aren’t meant to get up there but its safe enough if you aren’t silly…

There is a bar down by the waterfront in the historical buildings called “The Lower Deck” and on Sundays it goes off with a beloved local covers band called ‘Signal Hill’. I strongly suggest you google them and listen to their music- they are AMAZING and definitely one of the things I will miss most when I leave here (although I have already bought one of their CD’s to take home with me!)

Well I had better get back to the books as my first exam is in 3 days.. uh ohhh- have been prcrastinating too much booking flights and accommodation for travelling post exams (around Nova Scotia, to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, New York and Vancouver)

You should be dancing, yeah

This week was our last week of classes before the month long Easter Holidays! It’s been another busy few days but the holidays are now here!!

This week was the Leeds University Union (LUU) Dance Show. The concert involved performances from all of the dance societies at the uni from ballet to breakdance. I performed in Jazz and Contemporary and it was so much fun. It ran for four nights and it sold out every night. In total, 1200 tickets were sold! Below are some photos from backstage.

On the final night, my amazing hallmates, Malorie and Christina, gave me flowers! What gorgeous girls!!!

Yesterday night was Malorie’s 20th Birthday. In honour of her American heritage, the theme was frat party and everyone had a great night.

Today we’re off to Spain!! We’ll be starting in Barcelona and then making our way to Madrid. I’ve never been to Spain so I’m really excited. It’ll be my first Ryanair experience and I’ve heard some horror stories. Ryanair make Tiger Airlines seem like a luxury carrier according to some accounts… but hopefully everything will be fine.

So, till next time, adios!