Happy Valentine’s Day

In the library world the 14th of February is more than just a day for romance and chocolates. Library Lover’s Day is a chance to spread your #librarylove and celebrate the relationship libraries have within the community.

Remember the librarians at QUT are always here to help and you can contact us anytime!

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Graduation time!

QUT library is joining in the celebration of our newest QUT graduates this month with a lovely display on level 5 of Kelvin Grove library.

The display features graduation booklets, a gown, and little souvenir teddy bears. If you are curious to know more about academic dress requirements check out this FAQ from the Student Guild (the tassel on your motarboard should fall to the right after graduating).

The most impressive item on display, however, is the Registrar’s mace. It is a symbol of the authority of the institution and is generally carried at the beginning of the academic procession. If you look closely you can see QUT stamped on it.


Remember, as a recent graduate you are entitled to one year’s free alumni membership to the library, just make sure you register online so we can send a card out to you.

QUT library would like to congratulate all those who have reached the end of their studies, we wish you all the best for a great ceremony and graduation day.

Reading for the holidays

Did you know now that semester is over you can actually read for fun?

QUT Library subscribes to some fantastic online resources which you can read on your mobile device when you take a break from uni. Whether you are jetting-off on an overseas adventure or relaxing by the pool, our ebook and audiobook choices will put you right into holiday mode.

Overdrive and BorrowBox are two options where you can read or listen to books online. You can download books to either your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Exam preparation tips

exam80a9aIt’s coming around to that time again – exams! Students from across all faculties take exams so we’ve put together some quick tips for you to do the best you can in your final assessments.

What do you need to know?

You can’t take your exam if you don’t know where the room is or what you need to bring. Make sure you check your unit Blackboard site as well as your exam timetable on QUT Virtual for any last minute changes.

Once you know the date of your exam you can start your plan of attack. Set aside some time each day to study, making sure to take regular breaks. You might like to use this exam study planner to help.

Study actively! This means don’t just read your textbook but make notes, use a highlighter, draw pictures, or make flash cards. Take a look at this exam preparation tip sheet for more ideas.

Remember exam preparation is not just about knowing the content, it is about knowing the type of questions you will be asked and managing your time to get the best result.

Do you need a place to study outside of the library? Remember you can search for after hours computer labs via the IT Helpdesk using the advanced search button.

Kelvin Grove 24 Hour Computer Labs

  • D Block (D201, D204, D205)
  • F Block (F504)

Gardens Point 24 Hour Computer Labs

  • V Block (Level 2)
  • G Block (G216 is available 8am-8pm 7 days per week).
  • F101 is available 24/7 with swipe access

Follow us!

Calling all social media fiends!

Do you want to keep up-to-date with all of the funky and informative things happening at QUT Library? Great! Take a look at some of our social media accounts while you’re on the bus and get to know the library a little better.

Not only do we have the usual Facebook and Twitter (what would librarians do without Twitter?), we’ve got Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Flickr. All of these tools paint a picture of what the library has to offer. Stay tuned for more in-depth posts about the benefits of subscribing to each of these accounts.

Referencing 101 – APA Style tips

It's still puzzling me

In the library we get a lot of questions about referencing – so here are some handy tips to get you on the way with citing in APA Style (remember to check with your tutor or lecturer for what referencing style you need to use in your assignments).

APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the four main referencing styles used at QUT.  It follows what is known as the author-date system and is pretty simple once you figure out the rules.

When gathering information to format your reference you need to think about four key parts:

  1. Author name or organizational body
  2. Date/year the work was published
  3. Title of the work
  4. How/where the work was published

If you can find those four parts of the reference then you are ready to go! It’s just a matter of piecing it all together to fit with the style rules of APA – this means things like knowing when to put titles in italics or where to put a comma.


Neal, M. J. (2005). Medical pharmacology at a glance (5th ed.). Malden, MA: Blackwell   Publishing.

Queensland Rail. (n.d.). Queensland Rail free wi-fi. Retrieved January 6, 2011, from             www.queenslandrail.com.au/RailServices/City?Pages?wifi.aspx

Look at the above examples, can you recognize each of the four key parts that make up the reference?

If you need some more specific help on the rules of APA style the APA Style Blog is a good resource which answers some of the trickier aspects of APA.

Make sure to always check QUT CiteWrite for examples of how to cite different types of sources.

You can borrow a copy of the APA Style manual (6th edition) from the library

Or, you can ask a librarian through any of our usual contact points.

PhD Opportunity – What is the value of QUT Library?

Are you looking to do your PhD? Are you interested in Academic Libraries? Would you like to receive a scholarship to complete your PhD?

If you answered yes to all three questions, read on!

At the Library we’re about so much more than books! Complete your PhD with us and help us to understand the value of our library. Applications close 28 September 2015

QUT Library is currently looking for applicants for a three year PhD scholarship. We’ve teamed up with QUT Business School (Australia’s first business school with triple international accreditation!) to offer this awesome opportunity to investigate the value of QUT Library. We’re not only interested in answering, “What is the value of QUT Library?” but also discovering the myriad of ways that libraries contribute to achieving university-wide goals. Throughout your study, you’ll be working closely with QUT Library senior staff.

The closing date for applications is 28 September 2015. For more details and eligibility requirements, please see the information on our website.


QUT Open Day

Do you see yourself studying at QUT in the future? Would you like to chat with students and staff about what study is like at QUT? Why not come to our Open Day on Sunday 26 July from 9am–3pm at our Gardens Point campus?


Open Day is a chance for you to explore what life is like on campus as well as find out more information about the course you are thinking about studying. If you have a burning question about enrolment, study areas, support services, or student clubs, all your answers will be here!


Download the online planner to start personalising your schedule for Open Day and don’t forget to use the hashtag #QUTOpenDay on social media.


New and improved Library website!

A new and improved QUT Library website was launched on Sunday June 28.

What’s so new, you ask?

Look and Feel

The re-developed Library website comes with a new look and feel. It has been developed based on user feedback and is consistent with other QUT sites such as QUT Virtual and the Student Portal.

You should feel right at home on the new Library website - it looks the same as many other QUT sites you're already familiar with!

You should feel right at home on the new Library website – it looks the same as many other QUT sites you’re already familiar with!

Content Structure and Navigation

The library website content is easy to find, clearly separated into relevance for specific user groups: Students, Researchers and Community. Information, resources and services for teaching staff can now be found on the new Digital Workplace.

This change created a new navigation structure: Instead of having one homepage, the new site has several landing pages of equal weight and importance. These are:

  • Search and borrow: Find resources and information about how to access them
  • Students: Information, resources and services for students
  • Researchers: Information, resources and services for researchers
  • Community: Library services available to alumni and non-QUT users

There are now several landing pages instead of a home page. This should make it easier for everyone to find the information they need on the Library site quickly and easily.

Access to Your Services

Need to book a room? Place a hold on a resource? Sign up for a workshop? You can do all this and more from one easy menu.

Need to book a room? Place a hold on a resource? Sign up for a workshop? You can do all this and more from one easy menu.

Several services such as ‘My loans and holds’, ‘My room-bookings’ and ‘My workshops’ are user-specific and require a login. These are now grouped in one login menu accessible from every page of the site, rather than being spread out over different pages.

Help and opening hours can be accessed throughout the site using the links in the header.

Access to your services 2

Need help with an assignment? Have a question about the Library? Need to know when we’re open? Easy! Just click the header!




Mobile Access

The new site adapts to different devices and screen sizes, allowing you to access it from everywhere with any device.

Need to access the Library but don’t have a computer! Not a problem! You can access the Library from any device!