Recently Published – “Reversing the agenda of sex work stigmatization and criminalization: Signs of a progressive society”

Cover image for latest issue of SexualitiesCJRC researchers Professor John Scott and Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello have contributed to a commentary article “Reversing the agenda of sex work stigmatization and criminalization: Signs of a progressive society” recently published in the international journal Sexualities.

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Sex Work and Southern Theory

john Cameron Cox

This post authored by CJRC researcher Professor John Scott, CJRC Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello, and Cameron Cox from Sex Workers Outreach Project Inc. originally appeared on The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) blog.


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A diverse global network is fighting to stop discrimination and human rights violations towards sex workers. Yet, historic concerns around sex work, grounded in the moral view that the commercialization of sex is degrading and damaging persist. So, what has been preventing sex industry reform? While the dichotomy between erotic and commercial life has remained, recent concerns include the idea of sex work as inherent victimization and the notion that reform equates with increased oppression of children and women. Following a period of increasing liberalization of sex work in western nations, achieved by sex worker advocacy groups and often supported by research in the social sciences, there has been a recent punitive shift in international policy. Indeed, advocacy and adoption of the so-called ‘Nordic model’ of regulation, which criminalises buying, as opposed to selling of sexual services, has marked recent reform initiatives in liberal democracies. Read more

QUT Awarded COALAR Research Grant

QUT has recently been successful in securing a research grant through the Federal Government’s Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) and involves CJRC Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello and CJRC researcher Professor John Scott from the School of Justice, Faculty of Law.

The project will be conducted in partnership with three Argentine universities including Univerisdad Nacional-del—Litoral, Universidad Nacional-delSud, and Universidad Nacional-del-Quilmes.  Read more

In the News: Professor John Scott & Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello Discussing Male Sex Work

John & Victor_2015

Professor John Scott and CJRC Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello have recently been featured in an article on The Age website discussing male sex workers. The article “Male sex workers call for respect, understanding” details the extensive discrimination and stigma that male sex workers are continuously subject to as a result of various myths and stereotypes about such work, along with strict legislative regulations. Read more