Upcoming Event – “Beyond the Monster Myth: Sexual Violence and Relationships Forum”

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Beyond the monster myth: sexual violence and relationships forum 
Wednesday 14 October 2015
From 3pm
Premier’s Hall, Parliamentary Annexe
Parliament House, George Street, Brisbane 
Tickets $30
To register, click here. 


Public discussions and attitudes towards sexual violence are often centred around the idea that women are most vulnerable to violent strangers outside the home – what Tom Meagher, who lost his wife Jill to such an attack, refers to as ‘the monster myth’:

“Bayley feeds into a commonly held social myth that most men who commit rape are like him, violent strangers who stalk their victims and strike at the opportune moment. It gives a disproportionate focus to the rarest of rapes, ignoring the catalogue of non-consensual sex happening on a daily basis everywhere on the planet.” 

In Australia, 17% of women have been sexually assaulted. Almost 90% of them knew their attacker – a partner, a relative, a friend, or an ex. Not a stranger, or an unknown ‘monster’, but someone close to them.  Read more