Seminar: Critical skills for critical minds: recognizing evidence manipulation in death investigations

CJRC member, Dr Claire Ferguson, recently spoke at an Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers seminar at QPS Headquarters on the topic of “Critical skills for critical minds:  recognizing evidence manipulation in death investigations”.  This event was held at Queensland Police Headquarters.

Claire spoke about key critical thinking skills in the context of death investigation examples, including the important Leahy/Arnold double murder case in North Queensland.

Claire used this and other examples to examine offenders and scenes that successfully fooled investigators and how and why the critical thinking process failed.  Common problems such as bias, observer effects, metacognitive errors and logical mistakes were considered and discussed with a view to demonstrating the critical thinking skills required for successful investigations and intelligence gathering.

This event was the largest turnout AIPIO have ever had, with 80 guests in attendance.




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