First Survey Finds 2.8 Million Twitter Accounts in Australia

Image courtesy Jennie, Flickr

Twitter image courtesy Jennie, Flickr

For a social media platform which has assumed such a prominent space in public debate and popular media, we still know remarkably little about the structure and demographics of Twitter in Australia. Hashtags may be everywhere from the ABC’s Q&A talk show to the A-League Grand Final, and prominent politicians, journalists, sports stars, and other celebrities have all joined in droves, but how many of us are actually active on the platform, and what do we do there? Except for some well-publicised uses (from television audiencing through crisis communication to political debate), we still know very little.
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#spill: How Twitter reacted to the Labor leadership challenge

There has been a leadership change in the Australian Labor Party, again, and as a result the country has a new, old, Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd. As with the 2010 leadership spill, which we touched on here, there was a great deal of activity on Twitter during the event: the #spill hashtag, in particular, served as one forum through which rumours, information, commentary, and snark were shared in some quantity.
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