Early experiments show a smart city plan should start with people first

May 30, 2014. QUT Reconciliation Week Flag projection. phototonyphillips.com

Brisbane May 30, 2014. phototonyphillips.com

The federal government’s recently released Smart Cities Plan is built on three pillars: smart investment, smart policy and smart technology. Yet, it also suggests that:

Cities are first and foremost for people.


If our cities are to continue to meet their residents’ needs, it is essential for people to engage and participate in planning and policy decisions that have an impact on their lives.

Despite this quintessential policymaking statement, the plan largely uses language that conveys a limited role for people in cities: they live, work and consume. The absence of a more thorough response is surprising considering the rich body of work calling for better human engagement in the smart city agenda.
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Cloud Workshop: enriching connections through wearable design

1_Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.10.31 pm

Illumine: Sustainable wearable garments for large scale events

Wearables are on the precipice of fundamentally changing our lives; much like the cellphone did a decade ago.

Wearables can be defined as small, portable, mobile and wireless technologies and devices worn ‘on’, ‘near’ or ‘in’ the body and give rise to a previously unimaginable level of data about ourselves and our environment. By their very nature they are intimate with the capacity to track, record, manage, diagnose and respond to our body and personal context, thus radically changing the way we work, socialise, connect and communicate.
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Discover your writing passion


Massively multiplayer story game Cloud Chamber

 “If there were a prerequisite for the future successful digital creative, it would be the passion for discovery”

John Maeda

If you’ve been wondering where writing and story is heading next, how games influence culture and what it means to shape a truly interactive narrative, then STORY + is for you.
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[dis]connect your life


Does technology allow us to better communicate with others, or are relationships becoming increasingly lost through digitised connections?

The latest QUT Shape of Things to Come exhibition, [dis]connect,  plays with ideas of connection, interaction, engagement and intersection. We live in a world where objects can influence society in new and profound ways, and our graduates’ work grapples with these notions of rippling relationships.
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#QUTfashion week update

Half way through #QUTfashion week and QUT Creative Industries campus has been buzzing with all of Brisbane’s fashionistas!

With two more days to go you can still join the Twitter and Instagram conversation using #QUTfashion @CreativeIndust. But if you have missed some of the action here is a catch-up.

The Postgraduate Show is still on display at The Shed; and there are still two more After Darkly shows to come at tonight and tomorrow at 8pm, with tickets still available at Gardens Theatre.

Tonight also features the launch of the latest issue of Frock Paper Scissors magazine at  6pm, and tomorrow is the inaugural #QUTfashionchats video livestream chat with Romance was Born at 6:30pm.

I look forward to sharing this event with cultural critics, industry insiders, mainstream readers, and everyday fashionistas! See you there!

This post is a part of QUT fashion week from November 18-22, 2013; a week-long celebration of design, business enterprise, sustainability and academia. The events include the postgraduate and graduate fashion show, fashion magazine launch and fashion live chat at QUT Kelvin Grove campus.

Second-hand fashion

QUT Fashion Honours student Bianca Bulley

Honours fashion student Bianca Bulley joins the QUT Creative Industries QUT Fashion Week conversation to tell us about her postgraduate collection that gives new meaning to second-hand clothes.

Bianca’s collection, Soulful Clothes, is on display at the Postgraduate Show, from November 18-22 at Z5 The Shed, QUT Kelvin Grove, Brisbane.
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