Illuminating postgraduate study

Ruari Elkington discusses documentary funding at the Ignite13! postgraduate conference.

I thought completing my undergraduate degree was gruelling enough. But I recently received a first-hand insight into the dynamic world of postgraduate study that quickly put things back into perspective.
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Zombie live feed

QUT Creative Industries researcher Dr Deb Polson with sessional academic Dr Tim Milfull

Why do the living dead remain firm-but-fleshy pop-culture favourites?

To find out, QUT Creative Industries hosted a Zombie ‘live feed’ with a panel of experts on Friday July 19 to brainstorm an answer.
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Research Seminar: Learning by playing

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Above: Livestream video of the seminar

People are concerned about the impact of video games on children. They worry that playing games makes them violent. That it stops them reading books. Perhaps it even makes them disrespectful of authority.

QUT researchers are looking at games in a different way. What if playing games could make you healthier and fitter – and even have fewer sexually transmitted diseases?
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