ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, February 2015

Australian Twitter News Index, Feb. 2015
Axel Bruns / QUT Social Media Research Group

February 2015 has been a tumultuous month in Australian news, not least because of the continuing leadership debate (and defeated spill motion) in the federal Liberal Party following the LNP’s unexpected defeat in the Queensland state election on 31 January. As expected, these and other events also affect the patterns observed in our Australian Twitter News Index (ATNIX) and in the overall Australian online news readership patterns tracked by Experian Hitwise.
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The end of solitude


Does digital communication connect or isolate audiences? Do we fully understand the psychological impacts smartphones have on society? Is corporate social responsibility being co-opted by big business and the political elite? And do demonstrations in Hong Kong represent anti-China sentiment, or are they part of a larger class struggle?
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The changing landscape of media consumption


Welcome to the first episode of Contagious, the QUT Creative Industries research podcast.

When is the last time you played a CD, read a newspaper, or even watched a DVD?

In this episode, QUT Journalism student Irene McLaughlin talks to Dr Patrik Wikstrom and Associate Professor Jean Burgess about the changing landscape of media consumption.
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#spill: How Twitter reacted to the Labor leadership challenge

There has been a leadership change in the Australian Labor Party, again, and as a result the country has a new, old, Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd. As with the 2010 leadership spill, which we touched on here, there was a great deal of activity on Twitter during the event: the #spill hashtag, in particular, served as one forum through which rumours, information, commentary, and snark were shared in some quantity.
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