The changing landscape of media consumption


Welcome to the first episode of Contagious, the QUT Creative Industries research podcast.

When is the last time you played a CD, read a newspaper, or even watched a DVD?

In this episode, QUT Journalism student Irene McLaughlin talks to Dr Patrik Wikstrom and Associate Professor Jean Burgess about the changing landscape of media consumption.
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Taking a shamble down zombie lane

La Horde (2009 Capture The Flag, Le Pacte)

Making a list of favourite films (or favourite anything for that matter) is a dangerous task. Geeks, fanbois and fangrrls tend to be hard taskmasters, and it doesn’t matter how inclusive one tries to be, there’ll always be one rabid devotee prepared to slam the CAPS key when their favourite isn’t there.
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Why do journalists hate pornography?

The Guardian newspaper in the UK published a story last week:

“Last month, the children’s commissioner for England published a report on the effect of porn on young people, reviewing 40,000 pieces of research, and found a correlation between violent pornography and those who commit violent crimes”

Pretty worrying, eh? Until you pull out the report and have a look at it. They actually reviewed 276 papers, not 40,000 – and they found that:

“we do not know whether exposure to or accessing pornography causes attitude or behavioural change”

It’s not quite the same story, is it?
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