Coding for creativity

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Interactive poetry by The Cube Digital Writer in Residence, Jason Nelson

A recent invitation to a coding workshop gave me a fearful flashback to a data analysis lecture. In this class I was trying to comprehend something that was foreign, complex, and, to me, useless. I didn’t know the first thing about coding, and with my chosen field being creative writing, I naively assumed I wouldn’t have to come across this digital complexity.

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Cloud Workshop: enriching connections through wearable design

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Illumine: Sustainable wearable garments for large scale events

Wearables are on the precipice of fundamentally changing our lives; much like the cellphone did a decade ago.

Wearables can be defined as small, portable, mobile and wireless technologies and devices worn ‘on’, ‘near’ or ‘in’ the body and give rise to a previously unimaginable level of data about ourselves and our environment. By their very nature they are intimate with the capacity to track, record, manage, diagnose and respond to our body and personal context, thus radically changing the way we work, socialise, connect and communicate.
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[dis]connect your life


Does technology allow us to better communicate with others, or are relationships becoming increasingly lost through digitised connections?

The latest QUT Shape of Things to Come exhibition, [dis]connect,  plays with ideas of connection, interaction, engagement and intersection. We live in a world where objects can influence society in new and profound ways, and our graduates’ work grapples with these notions of rippling relationships.
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