The Kombucha Project Part 2

Selection of fashion student work, see credits at bottom of post, photos: Alice Payne

Clockwise from top: Sam Smith and Jack Milne; Neneh Browne and Courtney Foster; John York Hon and Sofia Moreno Marcos; Ashley Donald and Mel Hocking; Rachel Schoch and Kaydee Fallon; Bronte Armstrong and Aaron Waters-Marsh.

The Kombucha Project has reached its conclusion, with an exhibition of QUT Fashion student work held at The Edge, Brisbane. As described in Part 1, we grew textiles formed from a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) in kombucha, a fermented green tea. Despite a shaky start and initial difficulty imagining how this could become ‘fashion’, the students embraced the experience and all found a different approach to the brief.
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#QUTfashion week update

Half way through #QUTfashion week and QUT Creative Industries campus has been buzzing with all of Brisbane’s fashionistas!

With two more days to go you can still join the Twitter and Instagram conversation using #QUTfashion @CreativeIndust. But if you have missed some of the action here is a catch-up.

The Postgraduate Show is still on display at The Shed; and there are still two more After Darkly shows to come at tonight and tomorrow at 8pm, with tickets still available at Gardens Theatre.

Tonight also features the launch of the latest issue of Frock Paper Scissors magazine at  6pm, and tomorrow is the inaugural #QUTfashionchats video livestream chat with Romance was Born at 6:30pm.

I look forward to sharing this event with cultural critics, industry insiders, mainstream readers, and everyday fashionistas! See you there!

This post is a part of QUT fashion week from November 18-22, 2013; a week-long celebration of design, business enterprise, sustainability and academia. The events include the postgraduate and graduate fashion show, fashion magazine launch and fashion live chat at QUT Kelvin Grove campus.

Second-hand fashion

QUT Fashion Honours student Bianca Bulley

Honours fashion student Bianca Bulley joins the QUT Creative Industries QUT Fashion Week conversation to tell us about her postgraduate collection that gives new meaning to second-hand clothes.

Bianca’s collection, Soulful Clothes, is on display at the Postgraduate Show, from November 18-22 at Z5 The Shed, QUT Kelvin Grove, Brisbane.
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Romance was Born at #qutfashionchats

Romance was Born finale at Summer 2014 collection, Mushroom Magic.

QUT Creative Industries is excited to welcome Sydney-based design duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales from label Romance was Born as guests to its inaugural livestream fashion panel, #QUTfashionchats, and the graduate fashion show, After Darkly.

Joining in the conversation about fashion’s dialogue with its own past, Anna and Luke will share how their personal history is a source of design inspiration.
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