Lab coats and leggings: when science and dance connect it’s quite a show

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Dancing is an activity most people associate with after-hours exploits: parties, weddings, the lounge rooms of friends with great vinyl collections, a night out at the ballet – or television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars or Got To Dance.

But what about dancing in the classroom to teach biology to high-school students about mitosis and mitochondria? And what could leotards and leggings possibly have to do with neuroscience and physics?
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Dance legends provide a helping hand

Janet Vernon AM and Graeme Murphy AO rehearse ‘BERLIN’ with QUT Dance Performance students

I have been blessed to have met some amazing people in my career. Having graduated from QUT as a dance student before becoming a performance psychologist and corporate leadership consultant, I have been able to work with some incredibly talented and well respected professionals across many fields.
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A new leading role? Exploring psychology in the performing arts

Sport and exercise psychologists are often sought after to apply their knowledge, skills and experience from a sporting context into other performance-related industries and endeavours. Over the past two decades, this has noticeably expanded out from a natural progression into the performing arts with other ‘typical’ performers (e.g., dancers, actors, musicians, singers) – in combination of an ever increasing recognition of the importance of the mental side of performance and creativity within these fields.
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