The Kombucha Project Part 2

Selection of fashion student work, see credits at bottom of post, photos: Alice Payne

Clockwise from top: Sam Smith and Jack Milne; Neneh Browne and Courtney Foster; John York Hon and Sofia Moreno Marcos; Ashley Donald and Mel Hocking; Rachel Schoch and Kaydee Fallon; Bronte Armstrong and Aaron Waters-Marsh.

The Kombucha Project has reached its conclusion, with an exhibition of QUT Fashion student work held at The Edge, Brisbane. As described in Part 1, we grew textiles formed from a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) in kombucha, a fermented green tea. Despite a shaky start and initial difficulty imagining how this could become ‘fashion’, the students embraced the experience and all found a different approach to the brief.
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The radically transparent wardrobe

In April 2013, shocking images were broadcast around the world of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh. A total of 1127 garment workers were killed in the collapse, with over 2500 injured. This disaster is one of many in recent years, with at least four fatal garment factory fires since 2010: reported here and here. Since the Rana Plaza collapse, engineers surveying other Bangladeshi factories have reported that sixty per cent of a surveyed 600 factories are vulnerable to collapse.
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