About Folker Hanusch

I am a Senior Research Fellow in Journalism at Queensland University of Technology.

The hashtag conundrum: how should journalists negotiate public and private on social media?

Have a heart - Sanctuary rally #LetThemStay Melbourne. Photo by Takver, Flickr

Have a heart – Sanctuary rally #LetThemStay Melbourne. Photo by Takver, Flickr

Journalistic objectivity has come under the spotlight as debate rages over a recent High Court decision that ruled that offshore processing of asylum seekers is legal.

This is no doubt an emotionally charged debate, and the way Australia deals with asylum seekers has been under scrutiny for some time. For journalists working on the story, it can create a conundrum – particularly if they have a strong personal view on the issue.
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Slippery slope for online journalism quality

Looking down on the newsroom, by Steve Bowbrick

Looking down on the newsroom (Steve Bowbrick, Flickr)

With opinion blogs and click-bait headlines influencing online news audience behaviour, journalists are under pressure to maintain editorial standards while finding ways to increase digital traffic. This pressure has placed a strain on the traditional news industry, with Australian journalists becoming increasingly critical of the quality and credibility of their craft.
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