About James Dillon

James Dillon is the digital communications officer for QUT Creative Industries. James is a media and digital communications professional with experience in journalism, digital and print publishing, social media, blogging and creative multimedia content creation. He is passionate about creating and distributing engaging online content and driving business success through innovative digital media.

The end of solitude


Does digital communication connect or isolate audiences? Do we fully understand the psychological impacts smartphones have on society? Is corporate social responsibility being co-opted by big business and the political elite? And do demonstrations in Hong Kong represent anti-China sentiment, or are they part of a larger class struggle?
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Live blog: Creative3 life lessons


Virgin Australia’s Christopher Stubbs on business innovation

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The first day of Creative3 ended on a high note. Virgin Australia’s Christopher Stubbs provided a masterclass on internal innovation systems, explaining how to develop an outside-in mind-set that places the customer at the centre of business decisions.

Ideas can and should be tested quickly and iteratively: why spend a lot of money adding salad to your airline menu when you can test the product on a small scale with a few flights? Christopher advocated for design-led innovation to become an essential part of company culture.
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Live blog: Creative3 tech, fashion and collaboration

speaker start

pwc’s Megan Brownlow and Holition’s Jonathan Chippendale (seated left) at Creative3

The only event of its kind in Australia, the two-day Creative3 encompassed a series of dynamic presentations from the world’s leading creative game changers and entrepreneurs. It offer real-world insight into the mechanics of creativity, enterprise and investment.
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[dis]connect your life


Does technology allow us to better communicate with others, or are relationships becoming increasingly lost through digitised connections?

The latest QUT Shape of Things to Come exhibition, [dis]connect,  plays with ideas of connection, interaction, engagement and intersection. We live in a world where objects can influence society in new and profound ways, and our graduates’ work grapples with these notions of rippling relationships.
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The changing landscape of media consumption


Welcome to the first episode of Contagious, the QUT Creative Industries research podcast.

When is the last time you played a CD, read a newspaper, or even watched a DVD?

In this episode, QUT Journalism student Irene McLaughlin talks to Dr Patrik Wikstrom and Associate Professor Jean Burgess about the changing landscape of media consumption.
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