The Kombucha Project Part 2

Selection of fashion student work, see credits at bottom of post, photos: Alice Payne

Clockwise from top: Sam Smith and Jack Milne; Neneh Browne and Courtney Foster; John York Hon and Sofia Moreno Marcos; Ashley Donald and Mel Hocking; Rachel Schoch and Kaydee Fallon; Bronte Armstrong and Aaron Waters-Marsh.

The Kombucha Project has reached its conclusion, with an exhibition of QUT Fashion student work held at The Edge, Brisbane. As described in Part 1, we grew textiles formed from a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) in kombucha, a fermented green tea. Despite a shaky start and initial difficulty imagining how this could become ‘fashion’, the students embraced the experience and all found a different approach to the brief.
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