How German politicians and journalists employ Twitter

research seminar

QUT Creative Industries Research Seminar presents German Perspectives on Social Media in Political Communication, featuring Professor Christoph Neuberger and Doctor Christian Nuernbergk of Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. 

Using the results from an in-depth analysis of Twitter activity during the German election campaign in September 2013, Neuberger and Nuernbergk explore how politicians and journalists employ Twitter. 

The study, an ongoing research project with QUT, examined the activity and networks of German MPs and journalists, and observed activity of the top candidates, Merkel and Steinbrück, on Twitter, blogs and news sites.

Their results indicated that MPs and politcal journalists remain in a broadcast mode of communication, and that different platforms shape the communication in different ways.

Professor Christoph Neuberger
Professor of Communication Science
Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich
Christoph is one of Germany’s leading experts on online journalism and media change and will be a keynote speaker at next week’s ICA Brisbane 2014 conference

Doctor Christian Nuernbergk
Assistant Professor of Communication Science and Media Research
Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich
Christian is a co-author of Twitter and Journalism: The Influence of the Social Web on the News, and co-editor of Journalism on the Internet, both with Christoph Neuberger.

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