Sticky Stories

68-sticky stories_rockhampton Sept 2014 LP-BC2D8149 Roaming an empty Rockhampton library looking for sticky notes was an unusual way to spend a weekend. I was recently in the north-east Queensland town for a seminar on locative storytelling. Before arriving, I appreciated the concept of stories physically existing in the place in which the narrative is set. After an enlightening session hosted by an award-winning writer and artist, I came to realise how valuable and simple it is to take part in this non-traditional form of self-publishing. Read more

Live blog: Creative3 life lessons


Virgin Australia’s Christopher Stubbs on business innovation

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The first day of Creative3 ended on a high note. Virgin Australia’s Christopher Stubbs provided a masterclass on internal innovation systems, explaining how to develop an outside-in mind-set that places the customer at the centre of business decisions.

Ideas can and should be tested quickly and iteratively: why spend a lot of money adding salad to your airline menu when you can test the product on a small scale with a few flights? Christopher advocated for design-led innovation to become an essential part of company culture.
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Live blog: Creative3 tech, fashion and collaboration

speaker start

pwc’s Megan Brownlow and Holition’s Jonathan Chippendale (seated left) at Creative3

The only event of its kind in Australia, the two-day Creative3 encompassed a series of dynamic presentations from the world’s leading creative game changers and entrepreneurs. It offer real-world insight into the mechanics of creativity, enterprise and investment.
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Story above all else

Portal Entertainment's Mike Jones at STORY +

Portal Entertainment’s Mike Jones at STORY +

No technology has ever changed what a story is – just the process and narration. It was this thought from Portal Entertainment’s Mike Jones that struck me like a wrecking ball at STORY+ . The two-day event featured discussion, panels and workshops where ideas on narrative, technology and design intersected with transmedia storytelling. But it was this concept of story towering above all mediums, new and old, that stood out to me the most.
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Narrating the creative workforce

Creative Company Conference 2011. Image source: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Creative Company Conference 2011. Image source: Sebastiaan ter Burg

We might call them the cultural creatives. They work in creative services jobs like design or advertising; or in cultural production jobs like film, performing arts and media. Perhaps surprisingly, the largest number of these jobs are not in companies in these fields, but are spread right across the Australian economy in industries like manufacturing, retail and education.
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Slippery slope for online journalism quality

Looking down on the newsroom, by Steve Bowbrick

Looking down on the newsroom (Steve Bowbrick, Flickr)

With opinion blogs and click-bait headlines influencing online news audience behaviour, journalists are under pressure to maintain editorial standards while finding ways to increase digital traffic. This pressure has placed a strain on the traditional news industry, with Australian journalists becoming increasingly critical of the quality and credibility of their craft.
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