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Massively multiplayer story game Cloud Chamber

 “If there were a prerequisite for the future successful digital creative, it would be the passion for discovery”

John Maeda

If you’ve been wondering where writing and story is heading next, how games influence culture and what it means to shape a truly interactive narrative, then STORY + is for you.

A new breed of audience expects to be immersed in stories and to participate with them in meaningful ways. Our understanding of stories is changing, and writers are adapting to this demand.

On the 4th and 5th of September Brisbane Writers Festival and QUT Creative Industries, in collaboration with Arts QLD, present STORY +. The event explores the intersection of narrative, design and technology with inspiring talks, debates, panels and workshops from some of the leaders of the digital future.

QUT digital writing researcher Dr Donna Hancox said this year’s STORY + is a unique event in the field of transmedia writing.

“There have been conferences and events that have talked about transmedia storytelling, but the mix of thinkers, producers, designers and writers at STORY + makes it truly unique,” Dr Hancox said.

Above video: Dr Donna Hancox on STORY +

Over the two days at QUT Garden Theatre, these writers, transmedia producers, games developers, interaction designers and publishers will share their expertise through panels and hands-on workshops.

The unique group of Australian and International speakers at STORY+ understand that storytelling exists across a number of platforms.

Key speakers include Christian Fonnesbech, the artistic director of Cloud Chamber who is at the forefront of the exciting world of gaming. In an interview about Cloud Chamber, Christian explained that he wanted the massive multiplayer game’ story “to BE the game”. Check out the game’s official video trailer.

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Keynote speaker Jeffrey Yohalem is also a designer and writer. He works for Ubisoft Montreal and has been a key component in creating celebrated video games, such as Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Far Cry 3.

Joanna Ellis will be joining the event on day two, which is focused on authoring. As the associate director of the Literary Platform in the UK she has a wealth of publishing experience and knowledge to share.

Mike Jones, an award winning screenwriter, published author and creative producer is a true transmedia practitioner, working across screen, page and digital media.

The event will end with an exciting closing keynote from Tom Uglow, the creative director for Google’s creative lab in Sydney.  He is an inspiring presenter that works on experimental projects connecting people and the internet in creative ways.

There will also be local representation from QUT’s resident digital writer of The Cube, Christy Dena, who has created an installation Robot University inspired by how robots are portrayed in society and stories.

Christy Dena joins STORY+ as a panel member

Christy Dena joins STORY+ as a panel member

All of the event speakers including Richard Nash, Greg Broadmore, Richard Wetzel, Sue Swinburne, Connor Linehan, Lauren Beukes, Simon Groth and Malcolm Neil are experts in their fields making these two days focusing on interaction and authoring unbeatable.

Anyone from traditional writers and readers to gamers or designers will benefit from STORY+ and its showcase of talent from both Australian and International leaders of the digital world of writing.

Look beyond the traditional narrative at STORY+. Two days of sharing, making and hacking will inspire you to write the digital future. Check out the program and register online for this free event here.

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