Spreading the zombie virus

REC (2007, Filmax International)

This is part two of Dr Tim Milfull’s blog article. Read part one.  

While [REC] (2007) has been reconstituted quite effectively by the Hollywood machine as Quarantine (2008), true zombie-philes will always return to the Spanish original, which is set in the claustrophobic halls and stairways of a Madrid apartment building, as a TV presenter and her crew get caught up in a routine fire department ride-along gone terrifyingly wrong.
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Zombie live feed

QUT Creative Industries researcher Dr Deb Polson with sessional academic Dr Tim Milfull

Why do the living dead remain firm-but-fleshy pop-culture favourites?

To find out, QUT Creative Industries hosted a Zombie ‘live feed’ with a panel of experts on Friday July 19 to brainstorm an answer.
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Taking a shamble down zombie lane

La Horde (2009 Capture The Flag, Le Pacte)

Making a list of favourite films (or favourite anything for that matter) is a dangerous task. Geeks, fanbois and fangrrls tend to be hard taskmasters, and it doesn’t matter how inclusive one tries to be, there’ll always be one rabid devotee prepared to slam the CAPS key when their favourite isn’t there.
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Horror Week begins!

Welcome to Horror Week on Creative Cluster.

Feel a shiver run down your spine? Goosebumps at the base of your hairs? This week our academics will explore the theme of horror and zombies in popular culture. We will feature content from QUT staff and new contributors throughout the week.
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#spill: How Twitter reacted to the Labor leadership challenge

There has been a leadership change in the Australian Labor Party, again, and as a result the country has a new, old, Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd. As with the 2010 leadership spill, which we touched on here, there was a great deal of activity on Twitter during the event: the #spill hashtag, in particular, served as one forum through which rumours, information, commentary, and snark were shared in some quantity.
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