Research Seminar: Learning by playing

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Above: Livestream video of the seminar

People are concerned about the impact of video games on children. They worry that playing games makes them violent. That it stops them reading books. Perhaps it even makes them disrespectful of authority.

QUT researchers are looking at games in a different way. What if playing games could make you healthier and fitter – and even have fewer sexually transmitted diseases?
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The Games of Art

I like computer games. For me it all started back in the 80s with an Atari 2600 console. But there were also the hand held games (Donkey Kong was dual screened, looking much like a Nintendo DS), and the Commodore 64, Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Then we graduated to Windows machines, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Kings Quest, DOOM, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards and Duke Nukem; all the classics. I’m still playing games (at least between semesters!), but I have managed to kick my WoW habit.
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Connect-ED Collabronauts… QUT’s digital future?

My academic colleagues often remark that they don’t know how I have time to fit social media into an already busy academic job with so many competing demands on our time. My response is always that I don’t have time to not use social media.

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The radically transparent wardrobe

In April 2013, shocking images were broadcast around the world of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh. A total of 1127 garment workers were killed in the collapse, with over 2500 injured. This disaster is one of many in recent years, with at least four fatal garment factory fires since 2010: reported here and here. Since the Rana Plaza collapse, engineers surveying other Bangladeshi factories have reported that sixty per cent of a surveyed 600 factories are vulnerable to collapse.
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A new leading role? Exploring psychology in the performing arts

Sport and exercise psychologists are often sought after to apply their knowledge, skills and experience from a sporting context into other performance-related industries and endeavours. Over the past two decades, this has noticeably expanded out from a natural progression into the performing arts with other ‘typical’ performers (e.g., dancers, actors, musicians, singers) – in combination of an ever increasing recognition of the importance of the mental side of performance and creativity within these fields.
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If its HOT and it ROCKS, it’s in OUR hands…

If it’s hot and it rocks, there’s a good chance someone at QUT CIF is onto it, making it, or leading it. Take Transmedia Storytelling: there’s Christy Dena, the Memory Makes Us project with Kate Pullinger, Willow Patterns, and a burgeoning on-campus Transmedia Storytelling Postgraduate Cohort led by Professor Helen Klaebe.
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Why do journalists hate pornography?

The Guardian newspaper in the UK published a story last week:

“Last month, the children’s commissioner for England published a report on the effect of porn on young people, reviewing 40,000 pieces of research, and found a correlation between violent pornography and those who commit violent crimes”

Pretty worrying, eh? Until you pull out the report and have a look at it. They actually reviewed 276 papers, not 40,000 – and they found that:

“we do not know whether exposure to or accessing pornography causes attitude or behavioural change”

It’s not quite the same story, is it?
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A kind of magic: interaction design for participatory and civic innovation

Kenya 2008, Arab Spring, Stuttgart 21, Fukushima, Istanbul… we believe that design research across people, place and technology is a significant and timely topic to help bring about innovation for local communities and civic issues.
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Welcome to Creative Cluster

Welcome to Creative Cluster, the QUT Creative Industries blog.

If you work in the creative and cultural industries, or simply consume and enjoy creative products, entertainment and the arts, then this blog is for you.

The QUT Creative Industries Faculty, based in Brisbane, Australia, is a cluster of creativity, arts, media and design excellence. Our people explore, teach and learn at the cutting edge of creative practice and entrepreneurship, theory and critique. They work alongside professional colleagues in the national and international cultural production sector and other industry sectors as diverse as health, resources, defence, education and tourism.
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