New perspectives on the international student experience

As an international student doing the Master in Business with a major in Strategic Advertising at QUT, I can say that enrolling in the project unit has been one of the most enriching academic experiences I have had in Australia. One of several reasons I chose QUT was its promise to deliver highly relevant knowledge linked to industry level practices that students will face once finished their courses. Read more

Hong Kong High Life


Being tall on the steps to Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping Plateau. Photo credit: Idam Adam

At 6’ 2” l knew I was going to be big in China, but height is translating into celebrity status. That’s what I’m running with anyway. And I’d like to think my vertically gifted peer, Dom will run with it too, because ‘freak show’ is so passé.

In fact, we’ve got an unofficial challenge running about who gets more photo requests from locals. So far I’m winning, with brave requests from visitors to the Hong Kong Harbour and the Sky Terrace at Victoria Peak where a queue started forming. I should have charged.

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