The culture shock is real

I remember how I felt when my flight landed in Australia for the first time. It was actually a feeling of numbness, where I did not know what to expect. Neither a feeling of excitement nor anxiety but a feeling of nothingness. To be honest, I was very overconfident to feel that I will settle in easily and quicker than other students. But I was completely wrong. I don’t mention it to freak everyone, but it happens and we need to prepare ourselves to deal with that kind of emotion. How do we prepare ourselves for a ‘culture shock’? We have to embrace it and work on it. I know! It’s easier said than done. When I went through it, I didn’t even realize that it was a culture shock. I saw it as being moody, as we all are I am sure, however, it wasn’t the case really.


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New perspectives on the international student experience

As an international student doing the Master in Business with a major in Strategic Advertising at QUT, I can say that enrolling in the project unit has been one of the most enriching academic experiences I have had in Australia. One of several reasons I chose QUT was its promise to deliver highly relevant knowledge linked to industry level practices that students will face once finished their courses. Read more

Go global with QUT: Part B – Dragon 100 united in China

The time at Hong Kong went by very fast and the next and final stop of our Dragon 100 trip was China.

We visited two completely different cities in China: Qian hai and Xi’an. Qian hai is a very modern city close to Hong Kong and the main industry of this city is its harbour industry. On the other hand, Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, has rich and culturally significant history.


Terracotta Army inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, 3rd century BC

Terracotta Army inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, 3rd century BC

One of the world heritage







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Overcoming cultural and financial challenges: The story of an international student

I came to QUT in 2013 as a mature aged student. This was my second time at uni; my first time was back 2006 when I studied engineering in China.

I chose to study business because I have worked in business in Shanghai for the last seven years and I am passionate about helping businesses grow! I wanted to get the most out of my tuition so I chose the most solid skills for business: a double major in accounting and finance.

At the beginning, it sounded scary to not only go back to university, but to go to university in another country. I had been away from uni for so many years, could I pass this course? Maybe it would be too difficult? Despite all these negative thoughts, I told myself I never say ” no” to the things I want to do!

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Double Degree (QUT/EDHEC): Is it worth the challenge?

In July 2014 I started my studies at QUT in a Masters Business Advanced (Applied Finance) as an international student. Imagine the excitement, fear, uncertainty  and millions of crashing feelings I felt when I first arrived to Brisbane from a 36 hour flight (Mexico City – Los Angeles – Fiji – Brisbane). My first impressions of Australia were similar to most of the international students : A paradise full of friendly people that you will not understand half of what they are talking about. Do they even speak English?!

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How to find an internship as an international student

Two days ago, I was offered a paid internship as a tax accountant for two months during the tax season ( July to August). I was literally too happy I burst out crying when I got the phone call. If you are an international student as well, I’m sure you can understand why I feel this way. I know a lot of international students are struggling in finding an internship, so hope some of the tips I write in this blog can help.


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