From QUT to HKBU (with a side of KFC)

Five days into our Hong Kong tour and after a fast-paced weekend of sightseeing and shenanigans, we said goodbye to our dear friend Jen to hit the road for the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), an exchange partner of QUT and our new home for the remainder of the trip.

Located in the affluent suburb of Kowloon Tong, HKBU has offered a new Hong Kong experience: a week in the life of a Hong Kong student. While students in Brisbane typically live off campus (and if they’re like me, leech off their parents at home), HKBU has on-campus dormitory style accommodation comprising mostly of adjoined bedrooms with a shared bathroom.


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Happy feet – advice from feet for travelling humans

Heading on a study tour and your human isn’t sure what shoes to pack? Don’t let your human make the same mistake my human did!

Hi, my name is Sally Sore Feet – and my human hands-down does not like me. We’re touring Hong Kong mostly by foot and my human has chosen inappropriate footwear. I’ve made my protests clear with unpredictable cramps, unbearable odours and seven painful blisters but it’s not working and I want a divorce!Comfortable Footwear
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Our friend, Jen

Friday—day two of the study tour—kicked off with an industry visit to Mellisa Gillies, Director of Communication for Hotel Jen. It was a unique opportunity as we’re staying at Hotel Jen Hong Kong for the first six days of the tour and have experienced the brand first hand.

Formerly known as Traders Hotels, Hotel Jen is a mid-range subsidiary of the Shangri-La Group based in the Asia Pacific. Last year the hotel franchise underwent a mass, #InJenius rebranding, of which Mellisa provided insight into.

Carly and Sarah with their friend, Jen.


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