QUT Students to embark on Startup Catalyst Youth Mission

It’s the day before me and twenty other young tech entrepreneurs, including three other QUT students, get on a plane bound for San Francisco, into the heart of the tech world in Silicon Valley.

Typing that sentence gave me goosebumps.

But what is this all about, why am I going to Silicon Valley of all places? It was just over a month ago I heard about Startup Catalyst from one of my good friends. They are a company that organise missions to international hotspots for youths, startups, investors, corporates, and innovation leaders. In particular, they run a “Youth Mission” specifically for young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and future CTO leaders. The trip involves 10 days in Silicon Valley where we get to meet and interact with global tech leaders like Google and Facebook, and visit smaller startup companies.

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Enactus presents Taste of Brisbane

On the 10th of October, Taste of Brisbane launched its first food tour of the semester at the delicious Afghani restaurant, Chopan Charcoal, located in Milton. Here, accompanied by 30+ guests, we were immersed in the owner’s culture and heritage while marvelling at the delicious morsels of food that continually filled our plates. At the price of $26 per person, the event proved to be great value for money as guests quickly became full with the steady flow of food making its way to our tables.







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My Global Voices lesson: The importance of communication

Over September and October this year, I had the incredible privilege of representing QUT through a Global Voices research fellowship, travelling to the World Bank and IMF Annual meetings in Washington, D.C.

The fellowship had three components: a research paper, pre-departure briefings, and the official meetings. I learned valuable lessons in each phase, but one takeaway in particular stood out to me:  the importance of clear, concise communication.

I realise for a Public Relations student this principle should be obvious, but seeing this in action, on an international level, has shown it to be more important than ever. 

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Creative Minds unite at the Creative3 Forum 2016

On the 22nd of September I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few students chosen to attend the 2016 Creative3 Forum at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. This forum brought together the minds of some of the most creative start up entrepreneurs to speak and give insight into the risks and challenges but most importantly the rewards of executing what once was a small idea or spark. This forum helped inspire my fellow students and I to find our own spark and pursue it.

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The weird, wacky and wonderful of Creative3

“I don’t have a steady personality”

This is what Chris Smith, founder of Area360, had to say about becoming an entrepreneur at 21, and now running a highly successful software development company. He was not necessarily studious, nor ambitious; rather, he enjoyed partying and socialising in his high school and college days. One day, he realised how tedious and painful the online ticketing service for his student organisation was – so he started his own software company based in Seattle. Okay, I’ve left a lot of things from his story, like the years of hard work and roadblocks. However, the one thing that really stood out from all the presenters at the Creative3 Forum was their sheer passion for the problem they were trying to solve.

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Creative3: brilliant minds and hard-won advice

  • Shark-repellent wet suits
  • Floating bins that collect debris in the sea
  • Virtual reality technology that builds empathy in the user
  • A platform that enables people to live chat with celebrities, experts and influencers
  • A curious pink fox that’s leading the crowd in children’s edu-tainment
  • Crowd-sourced photo and video journalism… and more.

Yes, it’s quite fascinating to find yourself at the epicentre of creativity and innovation as I did when I recently attended the 2016 ‘Creative 3’ conference (courtesy of a bursary – thank you, QUT Business School!).

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How I got my internship at Queensland Treasury

My name is Jeseyka, I am in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Business and I just completed an internship at Queensland Treasury thanks to EFB342 Workplace Experience in Economics and Finance.

I was given the chance to intern in the Energy team of the Shareholder and Structural Policy Division (SSPD) for six weeks, two days a week. My supervisors, Trent and Tim, ensured I had the opportunity to work on both the policy and governance side of their work. This approach meant I also worked across the network and generation aspects of the electricity market as well as preparing advice on multiple Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) submissions ranging from rebates for vulnerable consumers to climate change adaptation policy.

Jesekya and her team

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Semester Exchange at Leeds University

After an incredible three months of travelling, I have finally arrived at Leeds University!

The past three months were definitely the most amazing time of my life. My sister and I visited over 40 European cities which truly opened our eyes to different cultures and ways of living and thinking (and eating!). We started at the Greek Islands which was incredibly picturesque and after thinking it couldn’t get much better, we soon discovered it could! We did a road trip over a week to Croatia through the Greek mountains, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro which was breathtaking. I honestly doubt there is anywhere in the world quite like this part of Europe and it was so nice to experience such a peaceful part of the world that was off the tourist track before heading to the big cities! We then sailed around Croatia for a week which left us with amazing memories, European tans and many new friends. We eagerly made our way to the land of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato where I definitely ate my fair share of this fantastic food. Italy was as beautiful as I expected – particularly Cinque Terre which was definitely the highlight.

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QUT and the Salvo’s – The Couch Project 2016

When I started my postgraduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communication, I promised myself I would use my knowledge for something good and create positive change.

Right now, I am using what I have learned to help the Salvo’s raise awareness and funds to assist Australian homeless youth, with QUT’s own version of the Salvo’s Couch Project.

Here’s how this window of opportunity opened for me.

Couch Project

Here I am with Professor Gayle Kerr in our wonderful onesies!

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EFB342 – An opportunity to get your foot in the door!

The one thing that’s always frustrated me as a business student, is that there are limited ways to gain experience in a workplace setting before you graduate. Students studying in areas such as teaching and nursing get ample exposure to their future workplaces, however business students seem to be somewhat forgotten. That was my view until I first heard of the unit EFB342 about six months ago.

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