Creative³ Forum by QUT Creative Enterprise

Zombies. Virtual Reality. Startups. Robots. Gamechangers. Disruptors. This is Creative³.

Thanks to QUT Business School, I received a full bursary to attend the event on Friday 22 September 2017; the conference (or rather, forum!) was my first professional foray into the world of exciting, innovative technologies and an excellent introduction at that.

Mackenzie standing inside the creative 3 conference

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Creative Minds unite at the Creative3 Forum 2016

On the 22nd of September I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few students chosen to attend the 2016 Creative3 Forum at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. This forum brought together the minds of some of the most creative start up entrepreneurs to speak and give insight into the risks and challenges but most importantly the rewards of executing what once was a small idea or spark. This forum helped inspire my fellow students and I to find our own spark and pursue it.

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The weird, wacky and wonderful of Creative3

“I don’t have a steady personality”

This is what Chris Smith, founder of Area360, had to say about becoming an entrepreneur at 21, and now running a highly successful software development company. He was not necessarily studious, nor ambitious; rather, he enjoyed partying and socialising in his high school and college days. One day, he realised how tedious and painful the online ticketing service for his student organisation was – so he started his own software company based in Seattle. Okay, I’ve left a lot of things from his story, like the years of hard work and roadblocks. However, the one thing that really stood out from all the presenters at the Creative3 Forum was their sheer passion for the problem they were trying to solve.

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Creative3: brilliant minds and hard-won advice

  • Shark-repellent wet suits
  • Floating bins that collect debris in the sea
  • Virtual reality technology that builds empathy in the user
  • A platform that enables people to live chat with celebrities, experts and influencers
  • A curious pink fox that’s leading the crowd in children’s edu-tainment
  • Crowd-sourced photo and video journalism… and more.

Yes, it’s quite fascinating to find yourself at the epicentre of creativity and innovation as I did when I recently attended the 2016 ‘Creative 3’ conference (courtesy of a bursary – thank you, QUT Business School!).

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The Creative3- Inspiring student entrepreneurship

Are you interested in disruption? Do you have the next Facebook idea written down in your notebook? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If so, what is stopping you from starting a business while you’re at University?

My name is Liam Greinke. I am a QUT student who is interested in disruption, who has ideas and who wants to be a student entrepreneur.

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Creative3 Forum

On the 17th of September, I was one of the lucky few students who was selected to attend the Creative3 Forum. This forum hosted a diverse selection of successful entrepreneurs, attracting many hopeful start-ups to the event, each emphasising the need to takes risks and experiment regarding creative enterprises. Not only did this forum provide great networking opportunities, but also provided the ability to gain insight into the various industries represented by the speakers and the visitors that Creative3 attracted.


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Attending the QUT Creative3 Forum

Last week I was one of the lucky few QUT students that attended the Creative3 Forum hosted by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia.  The Creative3 Forum is an event that celebrates entrepreneurship, sparks collaboration amongst the creative community, and is designed to inspire individuals to execute their ideas. With my background in multimedia, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and technology; the forum embodied all that I am passionate about, in a day consisting of industry speakers, panel discussions and intense networking.

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