A Summer Semester in Aarhus, Denmark

Oh Denmark. Where do I even begin…

As I sit on the plane making my (long) journey home to Australia, I can’t help but think how incredible the last five weeks have been. Over July and into August 2017, I was lucky enough to go on exchange to the beautiful city of Aarhus (pronounced or-hus), attending the Aarhus University Summer University, to study Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.

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Trevlig resa! (Bon Voyage)

I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to travel. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many places throughout Europe and Asia already, but I think my biggest adventure is yet to come. In Semester 2 of this year, I will be heading to Gothenburg, Sweden on a 6 month university exchange. I will be studying three economics subjects during my time there. Before my arrival in Sweden, I am planning on travelling on a Contiki trip through Europe including Slovenia, Slovakia and many other interesting destinations. Read more

Semester Exchange at Leeds University

After an incredible three months of travelling, I have finally arrived at Leeds University!

The past three months were definitely the most amazing time of my life. My sister and I visited over 40 European cities which truly opened our eyes to different cultures and ways of living and thinking (and eating!). We started at the Greek Islands which was incredibly picturesque and after thinking it couldn’t get much better, we soon discovered it could! We did a road trip over a week to Croatia through the Greek mountains, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro which was breathtaking. I honestly doubt there is anywhere in the world quite like this part of Europe and it was so nice to experience such a peaceful part of the world that was off the tourist track before heading to the big cities! We then sailed around Croatia for a week which left us with amazing memories, European tans and many new friends. We eagerly made our way to the land of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato where I definitely ate my fair share of this fantastic food. Italy was as beautiful as I expected – particularly Cinque Terre which was definitely the highlight.

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Go global with QUT: Part A – Dragon 100 united in Hong Kong

How much do you know about the legends of Chinese dragons? Chinese-Dragon-Green-25-large

In Chinese culture, the interpretation of dragons can be very different from that of the western culture. Dragons have always been a symbol of power, strength and good luck in many Asian cultures compared to the destructive nature and often villainized portrayal in European culture and southern American Aztec culture. Today I will share a story about 100 proud powerful dragons with you.

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A long road to an exciting opportunity

For my brother and I, the unknown wonder of a semester abroad created the allure of an inviting and exciting opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and experience new cultures. So we did not hesitate to sign up and ‘luckily’ we both ended up at the same university. Unfortunately this meant organizing everything for two which won’t be so comfortable when we have to share a double bed jet lagged.

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Before I begin my study abroad- Cardiff University, Wales

Studying abroad is something I have planned to do for years, but the lengthy process has often made me feel as though it can be too difficult to achieve. I applied and withdrew once before as my credit points were not sufficient to receive the OS Help loan, but I have finally made it.

I am writing this from the UK, 3 months before I am set to start studying. This opportunity to study in a different country has not only provided me with the different university environment, but further encouraged me to make the absolute most of my time. My student exchange was the fundamental reason for planning to backpack around Europe for several months in over 30 cities. I leave tomorrow with my twin sister (who is studying abroad at Leeds University, England, during the same semester) and I have never been more excited for something.

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Visiting DDB Hong Kong – changing my view of the big advertising agency

To be honest, my personal opinion of the big advertising agencies hasn’t been very good in the past. I’ve always had this impression that they bring in employees with a ‘churn and burn’ mentality and that there’s no real loyalty or empathy for staff. I guess this is based off my own individual experience working in two agencies with teams of 10 people or less. I’ve always been in small, family type offices where everyone’s mates with everyone and we all know each other personally. So coming into the DDB Hong Kong office today, I was looking forward to seeing their workplace culture and the dynamics of the big agency environment.



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Double the fun

Imagine going on exchange … and sharing the adventure with your twin or sibling!

Next semester, twins Annabella and Gabriella, and brothers Jordan and Andrew are heading off to the UK for a semester abroad.

They’ll be sharing some of their stories from their travel on our blog. But before they take off, we thought we’d introduce you to them!

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