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Research student, consultant, founder and owner at hummingbirdpie.com, volunteer... busy! Connecting with people is so much part of the fun. Master of Business (Services Marketing Research)

Creative3: brilliant minds and hard-won advice

  • Shark-repellent wet suits
  • Floating bins that collect debris in the sea
  • Virtual reality technology that builds empathy in the user
  • A platform that enables people to live chat with celebrities, experts and influencers
  • A curious pink fox that’s leading the crowd in children’s edu-tainment
  • Crowd-sourced photo and video journalism… and more.

Yes, it’s quite fascinating to find yourself at the epicentre of creativity and innovation as I did when I recently attended the 2016 ‘Creative 3’ conference (courtesy of a bursary – thank you, QUT Business School!).

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