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Waterfalls, jungle-like structures and century old trees isn’t something you usually hear of in a major city like Singapore. The Gardens By The Bay showed off an amazing array of colorful flowers, waterfalls and even some traditional masks from my home Papua New Guinea! If you are touring Singapore, I would highly recommend you visit the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. Our exploration in the human built garden enclosure was filled with “wow”, “amazing” and “beautiful” remarks, however appearances were not the only part that I found interesting. In particular, the sustainable practices that were implemented into this ecosystem was impressive. Water irrigation systems and energy saving practices were just two of the many practices I encountered on my tour.

Sustainability has been an interest of mine since the day I started watching Nat Geo so I am writing with a passion to someday implement sustainable practices in my home country Papua New Guinea.

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Adventures in Hong Kong on Establishment Day

We were lucky enough to spend Establishment Day in Hong Kong during our study tour. July 1st is a special day for Hong Kong. This day represents Establishment Day which signifies the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China. Talisa, Bella and I set off to explore the hidden activities of Hong Kong and explore the zoos, gardens and Hard Rock Cafe.

You can see some of our adventures on our vlog >>


Tiana,Talisa, Bella

The Hong Kong and Singapore study tour begins

Hey Everyone!

It has been a full-on holiday so far! I arrived from Papua New Guinea yesterday and already on an early 5:30am start to the day to Sydney and Hong Kong. And next weekend from Hong Kong to Singapore. My adventures in Hong Kong and Singapore are part of a QUT study tour for advertising and public relations students, supported by the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan.

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