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I'm a third year advertising and marketing student with a slightly unnatural obsession with Batman memorabilia.

USLS Learning Journey: Exploring Hong Kong’s Extraordinary Income Gap

The pinnacle event of each year’s University Scholars Leadership Symposium is the “Learning Journey” – a variety of hands-on, real-world experiences designed to broaden each delegates perspectives on global humanitarian affairs.

Kowloon Bay

The income discrepancy in Hong Kong is truly astounding

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
– Albert Einstein

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QUT Business on a Global Stage: 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium

When the QUT Business School offered me the chance to visit one of the world’s most famous cities and hang out with student leaders from all over the world, I thought to myself: “God I have a hard life.”

Hong Kong Island

The dynamic Hong Kong Island skyline


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


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Island adventures: beaches and hikes in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Island skyline

Along with industry visits and workshops, our two week Hong Kong advertising and public relations study tour had time to explore Hong Kong. And I still find myself amazed by the extraordinary diversity that Hong Kong has to offer. Within minutes you can go from wandering along the cluttered, neon-clad alleyways of central Hong Kong, to sitting on the coarse sand of an undeveloped island beach. We endeavored to discover as many of these hidden gems as we possibly could, with the following three standing out as “must do” experiences when you’re in Hong Kong.

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QUT goes global: Catching up with the Hong Kong alumni chapter

Picture this: frantic waiters race a variety drink orders across the room while a group of assorted QUT alumni introduce themselves, and one of my study tour colleagues Angus (“Aussie Angus”) bellows a G’day greeting to them at the top of his voice. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you mix a bunch of excited Australian students with a group of eager mentors whose brains they can pick, the answer is best summarised with one word – noise.

James, William, Anna and Fiona enjoying dinner with the team.

James, William, Anna and Fiona enjoying dinner with the team.


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Take me to the city lights

Let me just start by apologising in advance if the following makes no sense because what I have just witnessed was so mind-blowing that it may have literally melted my brain.

Hong Kong is ridiculous, and I mean that in the very best possible way. Where else in the world could the heavens open up and empty gallons of water on to your open-top bus tour and still leave you happy with the experience?







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