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Hit the pavement!

Attention all Australian undergraduate students aged 18–28, currently studying and who are aspiring to be 2019 New Colombo Plan scholars: if this is the first time you’ve come across these articles then — hold it right there! Before reading any further, this is the second article in my article series for aspiring 2019 New Colombo Plan scholars. Be sure to read my first article with my advice about the first step in the New Colombo Plan scholarship application process. (Also, make sure to tune in for further New Colombo Plan advice articles by, Julian Vidal — current PwC Japan New Colombo Plan scholar.)

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It’s all about the vision

Attention all Australian undergraduates aged 18–28 currently studying at Australian Universities: Another year has rolled over and I’m sure many of you are starting to set your sights on illustrious academic goals for this year. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because the New Colombo Plan scholarship program is your one-stop shop for goal setting over the next year. Trust me, it will change your life forever and it will be the most rewarding intellectual challenge that you will face as an undergraduate student, so why not put your best foot forward and put your hat in the ring to be a 2019 New Colombo Plan scholar!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Thailand

This year has not been my normal lead up to Christmas. I’ve been running around sorting out all my pre-departure requirements to leave for Thailand; I’ve been helping out at Bluesky Alternative Investments; I’ve been travelling to and from Canberra; and I’ve been finishing my final ever law assignment at QUT. The lead up to Christmas is the culmination of what has been my best year yet and I decided to get in early by taking some time yesterday to reflect on how lucky I have been.

Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra

Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra

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The true value of the Venturer Program

“You have to earn the right to have an easier life.”

The former Chief Entrepreneur Mark Sowerby coined this phrase to me during a car ride to the Kenmore Rotary Club. It’s a phrase that has changed my perspective on what I now think the business founder journey is all about. For me, an easier life would involve the financial security to take care of friends and loved ones in need. The right would be the culmination of your efforts that you have earned. To earn the right, would require an infinite supply of resilience. I believe the key to founding a successful business and thus, earning the right to an easier life is resilience.

Liam Greinke

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Accounting starters ft. Chris Hooper

My name is Liam Greinke. Final year Business (Accounting) and Laws student here at QUT interested in all things startups and philanthropy.

I was fortunate to meet Chris Hooper at a recent Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur pop-up event in Brisbane. Chris is one of the co-founders of Accodex — a cloud-based platform empowering freelance accountants. He kindly agreed to share his story and his advice to aspiring accounting start-up founders at QUT.

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The Creative3- Inspiring student entrepreneurship

Are you interested in disruption? Do you have the next Facebook idea written down in your notebook? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If so, what is stopping you from starting a business while you’re at University?

My name is Liam Greinke. I am a QUT student who is interested in disruption, who has ideas and who wants to be a student entrepreneur.

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