Accounting starters ft. Chris Hooper

My name is Liam Greinke. Final year Business (Accounting) and Laws student here at QUT interested in all things startups and philanthropy.

I was fortunate to meet Chris Hooper at a recent Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur pop-up event in Brisbane. Chris is one of the co-founders of Accodex — a cloud-based platform empowering freelance accountants. He kindly agreed to share his story and his advice to aspiring accounting start-up founders at QUT.

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THE CREATIVE3- Inspiring Student Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in disruption? Do you have the next Facebook idea written down in your notebook? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If so, what is stopping you from starting a business while you’re at University?

My name is Liam Greinke. I am a QUT student who is interested in disruption, who has ideas and who wants to be a student entrepreneur.

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