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Smart cities and temples: the real-world experience in China

A city made to make the world turn faster, the roads lined with cars powered by thunder. Thousands of startups work around the clock, more than in Silicon Valley. Shenzhen is the tech capital of Asia, situated in China along the Hong Kong border.

The QUT alumni we met spoke of Shenzhen in awe, vast factories churning out the latest drones and greatest gadgets, while the entire “smart city” was saturated in all kinds of new-generation technology. Australia, our home, seemed totally backward in comparison.

I wanted to see the brighter future before it hit us.

Zai Jian!

Ni Hao!

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Moving on up: digital transformation in Hong Kong

As advertising undergrads, we seek out people in the industry to look up to. One of these is Dean Vowles, QUT’s ‘Man in Hong Kong’ and star of the recent TVC. When I met him during our Hong Kong Study Tour, it was like finding a soulmate. Brisbane bred, quietly spoken, with an interest in planning and a passion in technology. So how had he been transformed by his work in the digital industry and his life in Hong Kong?

QUT received a warm welcome in Hong Kong

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