About Gabriella

Bachelor of Business (Human Resouces and Public Relations)

Before I begin my study abroad- Cardiff University, Wales

Studying abroad is something I have planned to do for years, but the lengthy process has often made me feel as though it can be too difficult to achieve. I applied and withdrew once before as my credit points were not sufficient to receive the OS Help loan, but I have finally made it.

I am writing this from the UK, 3 months before I am set to start studying. This opportunity to study in a different country has not only provided me with the different university environment, but further encouraged me to make the absolute most of my time. My student exchange was the fundamental reason for planning to backpack around Europe for several months in over 30 cities. I leave tomorrow with my twin sister (who is studying abroad at Leeds University, England, during the same semester) and I have never been more excited for something.

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