About Elsa

Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance)

Overcoming cultural and financial challenges: The story of an international student

I came to QUT in 2013 as a mature aged student. This was my second time at uni; my first time was back 2006 when I studied engineering in China.

I chose to study business because I have worked in business in Shanghai for the last seven years and I am passionate about helping businesses grow! I wanted to get the most out of my tuition so I chose the most solid skills for business: a double major in accounting and finance.

At the beginning, it sounded scary to not only go back to university, but to go to university in another country. I had been away from uni for so many years, could I pass this course? Maybe it would be too difficult? Despite all these negative thoughts, I told myself I never say ” no” to the things I want to do!

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