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The American college experience

Studying in an American college is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would highly recommend to any student considering an exchange. I have been studying at the University of Minnesota for approximately four months and I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.

The whole university experience is very different to what is seen at QUT. Everyone has a lot of school spirit and it is rare to find students not participating in school activities; whether that be social clubs, sporting clubs or attending sporting matches. It is very similar to what is depicted in American movies and every minute of it is fun and exciting.

Classes tend to be similar to those back at QUT. They consist of lecture-style sessions twice a week, that are slightly smaller than lectures at QUT. These are the only two sessions you attend for that class each week and they don’t have anything like our tutorials. The academic level is very similar to QUT but the workload can vary between classes greatly. Some classes focus on homework, assignments and exams whereas others may do quizzes throughout the semester and some group work.

I chose not to live in campus housing provided by the college, but I live very close to the university in student housing. Choosing this option was only slightly different to where the school suggests that you stay, although it is slightly cheaper, more modern and closer to shops and restaurants. So, if you can, I would recommend researching alternative places to stay; but living on-campus is not that bad. The cost of living is fairly similar to back home but it can be hard to stick to budget – especially with all the activities you can attend whilst here! Whether that be sporting games, concerts or just travelling around there is always something on that you will want to go to.

I would highly recommend going on exchange to America and especially to the University of Minnesota. You get to experience the whole college life whilst also going to a highly-regarded business school (the Carlson School of Management). This would be very beneficial to add to your resume as it shows that you can adapt to any situation and you can elaborate on your American business knowledge. Also, experiencing a real fall and winter where it snows is very exciting especially because we see nothing like it back home



Bachelor of Business International (Accountancy)

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