How I got my internship at Queensland Treasury

My name is Jeseyka, I am in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Business and I just completed an internship at Queensland Treasury thanks to EFB342 Workplace Experience in Economics and Finance.

I was given the chance to intern in the Energy team of the Shareholder and Structural Policy Division (SSPD) for six weeks, two days a week. My supervisors, Trent and Tim, ensured I had the opportunity to work on both the policy and governance side of their work. This approach meant I also worked across the network and generation aspects of the electricity market as well as preparing advice on multiple Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) submissions ranging from rebates for vulnerable consumers to climate change adaptation policy.

Jesekya and her team

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Semester Exchange at Leeds University

After an incredible three months of travelling, I have finally arrived at Leeds University!

The past three months were definitely the most amazing time of my life. My sister and I visited over 40 European cities which truly opened our eyes to different cultures and ways of living and thinking (and eating!). We started at the Greek Islands which was incredibly picturesque and after thinking it couldn’t get much better, we soon discovered it could! We did a road trip over a week to Croatia through the Greek mountains, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro which was breathtaking. I honestly doubt there is anywhere in the world quite like this part of Europe and it was so nice to experience such a peaceful part of the world that was off the tourist track before heading to the big cities! We then sailed around Croatia for a week which left us with amazing memories, European tans and many new friends. We eagerly made our way to the land of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato where I definitely ate my fair share of this fantastic food. Italy was as beautiful as I expected – particularly Cinque Terre which was definitely the highlight.

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QUT and the Salvo’s – The Couch Project 2016

When I started my postgraduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communication, I promised myself I would use my knowledge for something good and create positive change.

Right now, I am using what I have learned to help the Salvo’s raise awareness and funds to assist Australian homeless youth, with QUT’s own version of the Salvo’s Couch Project.

Here’s how this window of opportunity opened for me.

Couch Project

Here I am with Professor Gayle Kerr in our wonderful onesies!

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EFB342 – An opportunity to get your foot in the door!

The one thing that’s always frustrated me as a business student, is that there are limited ways to gain experience in a workplace setting before you graduate. Students studying in areas such as teaching and nursing get ample exposure to their future workplaces, however business students seem to be somewhat forgotten. That was my view until I first heard of the unit EFB342 about six months ago.

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Our Adventure: From Brisbane to the Finals Stage of Asia’s Premier Case Competition

On Sunday August 28th, myself and three other QUT business students, Tom Craddock, Nick Di Savia and Marija Grubor, set off for Asia’s premier business case competition hosted at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The NUS case competition brings together students from 16 of the best business schools globally to solve challenging business problems under limited time constraints. Along with our advisor, Adelle Bish, the team were ready for a week of surprises, challenges and lasting memories…we sure weren’t disappointed.


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Go global with QUT: Part B – Dragon 100 united in China

The time at Hong Kong went by very fast and the next and final stop of our Dragon 100 trip was China.

We visited two completely different cities in China: Qian hai and Xi’an. Qian hai is a very modern city close to Hong Kong and the main industry of this city is its harbour industry. On the other hand, Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, has rich and culturally significant history.


Terracotta Army inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, 3rd century BC

Terracotta Army inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, 3rd century BC

One of the world heritage







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AMB264: The subject that keeps on giving

When I began my public relations major at the start of this year, I was a bit nervous (to say the least). I had made the leap in blindly changing from marketing, with fingers crossed that I would thrive within the PR sphere. Little did I know, I was making a decision that I would thank myself for time and again over the months to come. Read more