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4 hours later… not so express to Asia

It felt as if I had only just fallen asleep by the time the 5:00am alarm went off, it was still pitch black and felt as if it was 6 degrees and the panic of last-minute packing was definitely setting in.

Hoping, Wishing, Waiting

Toothbrush- check

Hairbrush- check

Chargers- check

Makeup- check

By 5:30am I was out the door, in the car and picking up Tiana in a flash, before I knew it we were starting our 14-day journey. Airports bring out the best and worst in people as well as a demonstration of how much patience they have when faced with a tough situation and let me tell you, Tiana and I were definitely tested today.

Checking in and boarding our connecting flight to Sydney was probably one of the most seamless events I have ever been a part of, there were no lines, no waits and we were on the plane before we knew it. We even made friends with the 26-year-old teacher from North Lakes who was sitting next to us on his way to South America. Once we arrived in Sydney our luck continued, we were the first people on the transfer bus, zipped through the International security checks, checked out a $4,200 bottle of whisky and before we knew it, it was time to board. That’s when we started to consider buying a bottle of something to drown our sorrows, but unfortunately, it is slightly inappropriate to be drinking hard spirits at 9am in the morning.

As my phone buzzed not over and over again I thought I was being inundated with “goodbye” and ” I will miss you” texts, I quickly wondered who this could be on a Saturday morning messaging me with such eagerness? Maybe it was Leonardo DiCaprio or my cat saying she already misses me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t either. It wasn’t even my mum or Telstra, it was good old Qantas. The text was vague, oh so vague, simply telling us there has been a change to the booking. So naturally our first thoughts were “OMG our flights been cancelled and we are stuck in Sydney, and OMG I want my mum.” Thankfully, however, it was just a simple delay due to some mechanical faults. So now Tiana and I had all the time in the world to gawk and drool over the 1kg bag of peanut M&Ms over the 1kg bag of M&Ms and Maltesers in Duty-Free.

Before we knew it 40 minutes had passed and it was time to pull out the boarding passes and passports and finally start the next leg of our journey, again. But with the smooth and almost too perfect run of the morning fast becoming a distant memory, we were definitely expecting too much when we thought the delay would only be 40 minutes.

The flight was delayed not once, not twice, but three times.

Finally, at 12:42pm, three hours and 22 minutes after our original boarding time we were off.

Or so we thought.

As we found our seats, 54J and 54K, the excitement started rebuilding again as the butterflies in our stomach started fluttering, we were finally ready to head to Hong Kong. The belts around us started clicking and the overhead lockers quickly filled while the captain’s voice was heard throughout the giant Airbus.

“Hello this is your captain speaking,” he said.

The pilot’s news was not as good as one of the bathrooms onboard the plane decided to check out. Another hour had passed. However this time, it was filled with a ruggedly handsome Leo in The Revenant rather than holidaymakers walking around the airport and we were finally off after hours and hours of waiting.

Next stop – Hong Kong!

Finally Made it to Hong Kong!

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