The Creative3- Inspiring student entrepreneurship

Are you interested in disruption? Do you have the next Facebook idea written down in your notebook? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If so, what is stopping you from starting a business while you’re at University?

My name is Liam Greinke. I am a QUT student who is interested in disruption, who has ideas and who wants to be a student entrepreneur.

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How to keep up with a double degree

Have you ever left your assessments to last minute? They also happen to be based on two completely different topics as well?

I have had that happen a lot lately! For example, two weeks ago I had a Journalism assignment due on Friday but had a Business Law and Ethics test the next day which I did not do enough study for!

How do you manage it all though?

Lisa Simpson

12 hours of study for a subject is achievable with a good plan. (photo is from tumblr).

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Creative3 Forum

On the 17th of September, I was one of the lucky few students who was selected to attend the Creative3 Forum. This forum hosted a diverse selection of successful entrepreneurs, attracting many hopeful start-ups to the event, each emphasising the need to takes risks and experiment regarding creative enterprises. Not only did this forum provide great networking opportunities, but also provided the ability to gain insight into the various industries represented by the speakers and the visitors that Creative3 attracted.


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