Pizza can take you anywhere …

‘An internship is key to a successful graduate job’ ‘you need to have experience to be able to get a job after graduation’ ’employers will take someone with experience over someone with just a degree’ – these statements all university students in the final years of their degree know all too well. After spending a year saving for and then six months completing an exchange program last year I arrived back in Australia in my final university year and knew it was time to get some experience, or the above statements would become my reality.

#occasions Pizza Mogul


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The search for Big Buddha

The day started early Sunday morning, after a smart decision to stay in on a Saturday night we journeyed off to see the Tian Tan Buddha discovering what the fuss is all about. It stands 34 metres high, made from a majestic bronze material and overlooks the North, designed to give a blessing to all it sees. Drawing pilgrims, tourists and locals amongst the lush mountainous scenery of Lantau Island. Sitting within the Po Lin Monarchy, the Tian Tan Buddha informally known as the Big Buddha was definitely a must see recommendation from all of us.

Tian Tan Buddah

Tian Tan Buddah

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Authentic discoveries at the Hong Kong Museum of History

I love it when you go to a museum and it actually has a lot of interesting things about the actual country which the museum is located in. The Hong Kong Museum of History is just that, a well-documented re-enactment of over 400 million years of history within Hong Kong and Southern China. If you want to get a good feel for those times this is a great place to start and probably the closest you will ever get.

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State Of Origin banter at Edelman Hong Kong

“Go the Blues” is not the greeting a room full of Queenslanders expect to hear in Hong Kong on the day before the State of Origin decider. But General Manager of Edelman Hong Kong (HK) Andrew Kirk (Kirky) is a committed Blues supporter and keen to let us know. At our second last industry visit for the study tour, Kirky, originally from the New South Wales mid coast, managed to keep a room of Maroons supporters captivated for more than two hours with his energy, insight and passion for the public relations industry and as part of the leadership team in Asia for Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm with more than 5,500 employees in 65 cities.


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Omnicom Media Group – The Power Rangers of the media industry

OMD- Hong Kong

Experiencing the Hong Kong subway during rush hour made us feel like herded sheep and in dire need of TLC. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) Hong Kong did not disappoint and welcomed us with a smorgasbord of insightful (and edible) delights.

The Omnicom Media Group works across advertising, media planning and buying, marketing services, specialty communication including PR, and digital. It’s one of a number of global groups that have moved away from a traditional focus on media planning and buying to build an interconnected, global network. The group has more than 70,000 staff in 30+ marketing disciplines, across 1,500+ agencies. So OMG – it’s big!

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Dim sum with a digital entrepreneur

David Ketchum with the 2015 QUT Hong Kong Study Tour

Digital marketing entrepreneur, David Ketchum shared lunch with the 2015 QUT Hong Kong Study Tour to talk about changing trends in Asia, and industry practices. Photo credit: Idam Adam

David Ketchum says Hong Kong evolves so fast the jackhammer should be a national bird, but it’s more than the changing urban landscape he’s witnessed in some 20 years as a marketing and public relations professional in Asia.

Over a casual lunch at Cyberport – an ICT hub of more than 300 technology and digital tenants – the veteran entrepreneur advocated the need for strategy, content relevance and measuring return-on-investments by the quality of the impact on consumers rather than the amount of work you’ve put in.

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Crunch time in SoHo, Hong Kong.

We’d had a busy morning, including the climb of 268 steps to reach the famous Tian Tan Buddha (or Big Buddha to friends) on Lantau Island.

While the heat and humidity made it tempting to return to the rooftop swimming pool at Hotel Jen, I decided to push on and tick some more items off my growing Hong Kong bucket list. But first I needed a sugar boost to make it through the afternoon.

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